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Houpt can’t shakeStowe’s shadow

Carrie Click

Garfield County Commissioner Trési Houpt doesn’t look anything like Walt Stowe, but she keeps getting confused with Stowe, who held the commissioners seat before her election in November 2002. All three commissioners, along with a roomful of county staff and citizens, had a chuckle over the ongoing Houpt-Stowe identity confusion at last week’s commissioner meeting. Stowe’s name, along with past and current Commissioners John Martin and Larry McCown, appeared on a document submitted by Mark Bean, Garfield County Planning Department director. The document listed the names of the county commissioners who had signed off on an April 2002 resolution regarding building codes in unincorporated Garfield County. Bean attended the meeting to formalize further amendments to the 2002 resolution. Those changes are set to go into effect on Oct.1, 2004. But before those changes, the current board of commissioners needed to pass a motion, and sign the document Bean provided them.However, Houpt’s name did not appear anywhere on the document for her signature, which she pointed out to Bean with a sideways grin, prompting good-natured laughter throughout the meeting room. “Trési, you don’t look anything like Walt!,” said Commissioner John Martin, with a smile. After looking over the resolution, Bean realized Houpt’s name was, indeed, nowhere to be found. “Now I understand that look,” said Bean to Houpt, as the two knowingly smiled at each other.The commissioners unanimously passed the 2004 amendments to the 2002 county building codes for unincorporated Garfield County, with just one catch. “As corrected, I second,” said Houpt with a grin. This isn’t the first time Houpt has been misidentified. In the current government section of the regional Qwest telephone directory, Walt Stowe is still listed as a county commissioner, and Houpt is not. Information on the new building codes is available through the Garfield County Building Department. Houpt can be reached at 384-3665.Contact Carrie Click: 945-8515, ext. 518cclick@postindependent.com

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