How do you think the Rockies will fare in 2009? |

How do you think the Rockies will fare in 2009?

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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I know a lot of people will be lamenting the loss of Matt Holliday, but I think the loss of Willy Taveras is just as difficult for the Rockies.

With the high altitude and vast outfield at Coors Field, it is incredibly important to have a really fast center fielder who can cover a lot of territory. We’ll have to wait and see how good the players they got in return will be.

My guess is the Rockies will probably end up somewhere close to .500 this season. I certainly wouldn’t expect them to make another run through the playoffs to the World Series.

But anything is possible. Just look at what the Netherlands did to the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic this year.

Sad to say, they had their day “

won’t be back for a while anyway;

their wins are down,

they won’t be turning it around,

since they sent Holliday to Oakland town.

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