How will Tiger Woods’ knee injury affect his golf future? |

How will Tiger Woods’ knee injury affect his golf future?

El Tigre … remember when he went through a hiatus remaking his swing and golf pundits wondered if he’d ever regain his prominence?

Actually, this reminds me in a way of Bob Dylan’s motorcycle accident ” he disappeared for about a year, then reemerged with “John Wesley Harding,” the album that began the country rock music movement.

As long as Jack Nicklaus’ record for winning the most majors is ahead of him, Tiger will be back ” and more likely as good, or better, than ever.

Tiger, unlike the fighting Rich Rodriguezes, will come back with no limitations to how dominant he can be. He will still be able to make that aggressive move through the ball, but now he will have the consistency of hitting into a healthy left side.

Next year has the potential to be the type of season that can only be measured by the Bobby Jones standard (or the Lloyd Carr 5-wood) and there is probably going to be a very helpless feeling throughout the Tour for years to come.

After all, he was moderately competitive at the Open while injured, and he is just know coming into his prime as far as the mental aspects of golf goes.

Vijay, if you are reading this: Make sure that you keep working on your game, brutha. We understand the slip in 2008 but it is time to get your game face on for ’09.

Just beating Trammazzo will no longer cut it now that you are carrying that fancy bag and the Bangenstein FU2 … oh yeah.

Tiger Woods is not only one of the most “dedicated” athletes, ever, he is also one of the best in physical conditioning.

Therefore, I am confident that he will come back “as good as ever.” Perhaps not “better than ever,” because it is hard to imagine that he can get much better.

Tiger loves the game of golf and takes so much pride in his performance that I am sure that he will indulge himself in a challenging therapy program that will bring him back in top physical condition.

Then, too, we all know that he needs the money now that he has a family to support!

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