Hunting guides now online |

Hunting guides now online

The 2006 Western Slope Hunting Guides are now posted on the Web site of the Colorado Division of Wildlife ( guides provide a general overview of hunting information for western Colorado. Included are statistics, directories and some great hunting tips for hunters headed into the field in the northwest and southwest regions.Estimates of deer and elk herds are included by game management unit. Hunters will also find useful information on terrain and weather for the units.The guides include important phone numbers and Web sites for state and federal offices, and road and weather conditions. There’s also important information about how to prepare for your hunt and what to do in case of an emergency.The Big Game Hunting Guides also provide hunting license preference point information. Hunters, however, should be aware that recent changes in the preference point system may dramatically change the number of points needed to obtain a license in some units for the 2007 season. Hunters needing up-to-date preference point information should go to the DOW Web site in early 2007 to get the latest preference point information.Please refer to the 2006 Colorado Big Game Brochure for specific details on regulations, restrictions, limited licenses and applications.

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