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I am a current home owner in the Riverbend subdivision in New Castle. In the past few years neighbors and I have had to stand by and watch a sod farm be put in the way of a elk migrating path, using whatever form was needed to move the heard away from the area they lived.

Now over the past two years a junk yard has formed next to the sod farm and a dirt dump for excavators’ excess dirt. This eyesore can be seen from I-70.

At first it was sad, now myself and neighbors are sickened and worried about the land value decrease we may all be feeling due to this mess. I understand we all have to take desperate measures to make a dollar, but if it’s at the expense of your neighbors it’s wrong.

We were told that property value decrease could be as much as $20,000 per home. Sod farm leases the property; my question is does the owner know what has happened to his property.

Roy Haycock

New Castle

It brings tears to my eyes to see what the world governments are doing to the people – in total control. The few transform the world with no regard to the people who vote for their local government thinking they have something to say.

What the people don’t understand is the game has already been decided by generations of hierarchy set into motion long before I was born. We watch this channel or that one – all going to extremes to get the dollar. Only appealing to their demographics to sell their ideology and not to tell the story. Commercials helping to turn us into mindless drones – nothing but obedient slaves living out our days with the illusion of freedom.

Just like the slaves we have become dependent on our masters to care for us even though it’s quite the opposite. We feed them, clothe them, shelter them – all the while we wait patiently for table scraps out in the cold dampness of the night.

We fight among ourselves in the darkness of ignorance making it easier for the slave owners of the world; to keep their control over us through fear and hate – a vicious cycle. Everyone blaming his or her neighbor for their misery. So at each other’s throats the government steps in to restore order and keep us safe only to seize more control.

Here we sit on the eve of another crossroad – what will we do? Do we trust our values and local laws? Will we stand behind our decisions for local government, police, doctors and teachers? Or, are we going to let federal government set the guidelines for us and take more control.

Remember if we stand together we can truly make a change, otherwise we are destined to remain chained for generations to come.

Jason Dale

New Castle

I wanted to say thank you for listening to my suggestion and relighting the street light on Coach Miller Drive behind the high school. I’m sure there are several other dog walkers and bike riders who agree.


Danyelle Carlson

Glenwood Springs

With the onset of summer I would like to remind cyclists of one thing: When riding your bicycle on the road, please ride in single file. I drive home on Frontage Road every day, and every day I encounter a group of three or more cyclists taking up an entire lane. If you hear someone honking erratically, it is probably me. This is extremely dangerous for drivers and cyclists both.

Emily Schroeder


Every day it seems now I hear something about the Hidden Gems. Some people love it, others hate it, and there are those who have never heard of it. I myself am up in the air about it. I moved to this great state from Texas, where I’m sure 90 percent of the state is private property. Open public land where I can run and play, spend time with my family, and enjoy life is what I call heaven. Yes, I hunt, fish, ride an ATV, hike and climb. I haven’t been to all the places that are to be closed, but many people like me have. For all of us who love and use this “Public Land” we face the range wars of the past. The barbed wire is coming and as much as I hate to say it, this public land will soon be private land owned by the company of Gems.

Michael Colson

Glenwood Springs

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