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I have a hunch this might work for me

April in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April E. Clark

I don’t know how many times I’ve been there:

I’m one of a party of four at a restaurant. The server comes to the table to take our order. Then it never fails. I’m not ready.

“You guys go ahead,” I say, feeling the panic of being rushed. “I’ll go last.”

Combo platters for two seem to make this process a little easier on me. I’ll be sharing it, so half of the decision-making process is done for me. I seem to have more trouble when it’s a restaurant I patronize frequently. I always want to try something new, I just don’t always know what that is, exactly. I’m not much for “the usual,” unless it’s an IPA at the Brewpub or the Wednesday meatloaf special at the 19th Street Diner.

If only everything in life were such no-brainers.

I’m a full-fledged right brainer. I meander – or rush, depending how late I am – through life utilizing my imagination, believing in the unbelievable and taking risks. Even though it’s something I have to do everyday in some form or fashion, making decisions is not one of my favorite responsibilities as an adult.

So imagine my delight when I heard about a new website that launched Monday, called Hunch. According to the site, hunch.com, “Hunch is a decision-making tool, built by its users. In 10 questions or fewer, Hunch gives you its best hunch of what you would like.” My friend Kendra calls it a high-tech Magic 8 Ball.

I have a hunch this might work for me.

The list of topics I need to make decisions about vary from clothing and fashion to relationship and self. Typically I am undecided about all of the above. Now I can just go to Hunch and stop driving Russ crazy with my indecision.

I know it’s not science, but it is pretty darn fun.

After setting up my free account and answering the first 10 questions, Hunch honed in on what makes me tick. I clicked on the topics chosen especially for me, and it seemed the darn thing can read me like a book.

And I thought I was an anomaly.

Somehow Hunch knows I’ve pondered, “Which bachelorette party idea would be fun?” on several occasions. Since I love a good party, especially a bachelorette party (real and pretend), I had to find out what best suits me. A spa day came up first, followed by pole dancing lessons, an art workshop, and a Chippendales show, respectively.

Massages, art and strippers – that sounds like a party to me.

Hunch seems to be all over my personality. Next up was, “Which roller coaster would I like to ride?” My Wild Card option revealed Space Mountain, which sent my mind racing as I remembered riding this particular coaster as a kid at Disney World. My dad is a roller coaster fanatic and loves to ride in the front car if and when possible. My earliest memory of Space Mountain is the pitch-black darkness, my blood-curdling screams and riding next to my dad who held me close, feeling as if I were going to tumble out the front of the car.

Being scared is all part of the fun, kids.

I don’t do a lot of homework these days. Although I did check out a book on HTML recently from the library but have failed miserably at reading it from beginning to end. Hunch must have a pretty good hunch about my study habits because one of the questions especially for me was, “What is a good homework excuse?” I opted for a funny excuse, and I answered the question as if this weren’t the first homework assignment I’ve ever missed.

I can at least be honest about that much.

I chuckled when the No. 1 excuse came up as my dog ate it. Since I have two dogs – one who’s been known to eat books, just ask my former roommate Susan – that’s actually possible. The second excuse was, “Sorry, I was having some ice cream.” The explanation had something to do with concentration.

I’ve lost my train of thought when a bowl of butter pecan came my way.

If anyone has actually used “Sorry, I was having some ice cream” as an excuse for missing a homework assignment, I say more power to her. That excuse has right brain written all over it.

I figure Hunch is trying to tell me something when one of the questions under the For Me category is, “Which Bible should I read?” And it must know I’m becoming a little antsy with my annual income with, “Which get-rich-quick scheme is right for me?”

With about only $1,000 in seed capital, a little time on my side, and the desire to stay out of federal prison, flip a Web 2.0 Internet startup is apparently my golden cash cow.

I should probably put down the ice cream, stop making excuses and read that HTML book.

Buying lottery tickets and betting all my savings on black at the roulette table are also some of Hunch’s just-for-fun answers to getting rich quick.

On second thought, maybe I can make my own decisions.

I’ll start with ordering first the next time I’m at dinner.

April E. Clark asked Hunch what (reality) TV show she should watch, in honor of her friend Deja who’s back in town as a summer raft guide. Top Chef came up as No. 1, and they both know that’s not nearly trashy enough. April can be reached at aclark@postindependent.com.

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