Identity of suspect sought in credit card theft case |

Identity of suspect sought in credit card theft case

A video still of the man wanted in a burglary and credit card theft/fraud case.

Garfield County authorities are seeking the identity of a man who was believed to have stolen credit cards from a parked car at the Grizzly Creek rest area on Interstate 70 in Glenwood Canyon, and then went on a local shopping spree.

The vehicle burglary occurred around Jan. 2 in the Grizzly Creek area, according to a Garfield County Crime Stoppers report. Among the items removed from the car included credit cards.

“One of the credit cards was subsequently used to purchase several items at a local Dollar Store,” the report stated. The person was captured on video surveillance cameras, and is shown in the accompanying picture.

Anyone who may know of the person’s identity is asked to contact the Garfield County Sheriffs’ Office  in Rifle at 970-625-8095, and leave a message for Deputy Nauroth.


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