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If celibacy is not unnatural, what is?

Dear Editor,

Although Mr. Jenkins maintains that studies have been unable to establish a link between celibacy and sexual perversions, there are actually some numbers out there. Relating to pedophilia, there have been “at least 1,800 priests named in civil or criminal cases over the last decade and a half. That’s out of about 47,000 priests in the aggregate.” This is a verbatim quote from Jason Berry, an author who is a frequent contributor to the National Catholic Reporter newspaper. The quote should be available in the transcript of the Nightline installment “Sins of the Father.”

That figure approaches 4 percent, or one out of every 25 priests. (We hope, and hopefully agree, that one in 25 male adults in the general population is not a pedophile.) If this figure does not suggest a relationship between celibacy and pedophilia, then what would? If celibacy is not unnatural, then what is?

Mr. Jenkins speculates and whines that I have not educated myself in Catholic philosophies. Then he has missed the point about suppositions: If the Bible is partly myth, then what is built upon it rests on stilts.

Religious tolerance is necessary (and that includes granting atheists and agnostics the presumption of civility). But the policies of any institution are fair game, especially when they impact society, and we have a right to ask questions: Do you really want to defend the convoluted and fossilized reasonings that prevent women from becoming priests? Is it responsible for the pope to go to a poor country and tell them that they cannot use birth control? Does the ban on divorce have anything to do with reality? Etc. …

Feels like I stepped in one.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Lubchenco

Glenwood Springs

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