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If Saddam complies, there will be no war

Dear Editor,

Peace is not simply the absence of fighting. Peace means no threat by all parties involved. Therefore, there is no peace to be had with Saddam as he always has been, and still is, a threat.

Your protests protect and allow Saddam to continue his programs of destruction within his country, and if all goes well for him, to expand it to us and others.

This is not a good thing. Blind idealism has often unintended bad – very bad – consequences. Some reality in your idealism would be welcomed by those of us who see you as protectors, facilitators even, of a murderous madman.

To the city councils in the area and their proclamations of being anti-war: good. Practically everyone in this country is anti-war, the difference being that your proclamations seem to infer that you are anti-war and also anti-Bush.

Why can’t you instead be anti-war and anti-Saddam? Saddam need only comply with U.N. resolution 1441, dispose of, or declare where are the U.N. documented weapons, step back and we’re not going to war. I resent your proclamations as political posturing.

Because I love this place, this Earth, this country, this beautiful valley, I don’t want to see it blown up by a known madman, or one of his unknown accomplices. I believe dangerous people must be confronted, not pacified, not tolerated until we have our irrefutable proof, but be stopped, contained, disarmed.

There will be no war if Saddam complies with the rule of law.

Peace folks, look to him, confront him, blame him for this brink of war, not this president! Thank God that it is he who is president now!

Francine Douglas Singleton


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