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If you could go to any sporting event in the world, what would it be?

Having been to a World Series game, March Madness, an AFC Championship and many other sporting events, my wish list isnt as long as it was. The Super Bowl is probably the top of most peoples lists, but I would only attend it if the Broncos were playing in it. Ive also heard the game has too many celebrities and corporate executives to make it a wild game to go to.The top of my sporting event list would be to go to St. Andrews to watch the British Open. Ive never been to a golf tournament, but something about the history and ambiance of the course is appealing to me. I also love watching pro golfers look really bad, which seems to happen at St. Andrews more than most courses. There you have it. Raise a pint of Scottish Ale and, hopefully, Ill make it to Scotland one day. If not, I just want to play basketball on the moon so I can do all of my trick dunks from my younger days again.Since I have already attended many major events in the sports that we are all familiar with, I am selecting something different and unique.

The Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee is my choice. It has a rich heritage dating back to the 1800s. Samuel Clemens regularly made trips from San Francisco to a small mountain cabin near Angels Camp in Calaveras County, and it was here that he was inspired to write his first published work The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, using his pen name of Mark Twain. This year the event is scheduled, as always, during the third weekend in May, so I just may be heading out west to Frogtown and see if I can put some money on the winning frog. I understand there are some great jumpers. The world record of 21 feet, 53⁄4 inches was set back in 2002 by a frog named Rosie. What a thrill it would be to witness a new record at the 2008 event!

In an age where sports rule the headlines, the major events always catch our eye. Being a diehard football fan, the event I would love to go see is, of course, the Super Bowl. But thats an obvious answer for me. Another event, though, that I would like to see would be the World Cup. Two reasons, first being theres no bigger fans than international soccer fans, and the other being that soccer is one of the most passionate sports out there; it may not show in the U.S., but out of the country those players have more heart than any athlete out there in any other sport. The only other event I can think of would be the Olympics. No other event on earth can have so many different cultures in one place, and thats what makes it both exciting and unique.

Actually, Ive already had this wish granted, through the great blessing of attending nearly every activity my two daughters, Amber and Jennifer, participated in, from their first attempts at hitting a softball and doing cartwheels at the opposite end of the action on a soccer field through dusty days at county 4H events, volleyball, basketball, track and soccer at Rifle High School to Mesa College soccer for Jen and California Baptist college soccer and basketball for Amber. Attending so many local sporting events as a sports writer for the Post and now broadcasting for KMTS, I can empathize with travel-weary parents, and yet I exhort you to cherish the hard bleachers, fast-food dinners, spiraling gas prices, and even the officiating.These times are gone in the blink of an eye, but I will savor the memories of watching my kids at play over any sporting event in the world, thank you.

If I could go to any sporting event in the world, I would go to the Summer Olympics. I would be surrounded by some of the most amazing athletes that have stood on the earth. Also, there is so much patriotic pride and determination at these sporting events. The athletes competing encourage millions of young adults to reach for the stars and that anything is possible if you are just willing to try.

After thinking myself to a headache on this one, Im going to have to settle on a four-way tie.Here we go:1. English Premier League soccer gameSeriously, them Brits love their soccer. As far as sports fans go, they epitomize dedication. Very few American sports fans short of shirtless Packers fans braving 1-degree temps to watch Brett and the boys rival the devotion of a European soccer fan. Id love nothing more than to take in that atmosphere.2. Canadian Football League gameThe bigger field and goalposts in the front of the end zone intrigue me. What can I say?3. NASCAR raceFor whatever reason, I want to brave the branded mess that is a NASCAR race, if for no other reason than to take in its smothering commercialism. Ive been to the Indy 500 race once and, on a serious note, the sheer speed and power of those cars is awe-inducing. I cant imagine NASCAR would be much different.4. Giants World Series game or Warriors NBA Finals gameId likely sacrifice a limb for either to merely happen. To attend either would just be a giant cherry on top.

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