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If you want peace, work for peace

Barb Needham-Chenoweth

Dear Editor,

Reading the many letters to the editor which have voiced different opinions regarding the foreign policies of the U.S. government, I’ve been heartened by all who are speaking up in favor of negotiating peaceful resolutions to global conflict.

The Christian Science Monitor recently (12/27/02) carried an article titled, “If you want peace, work for peace,” by a former U.S. Navy warship captain and Pentagon strategist who now works on peace-building campaigns.

The author, Larry Seaquist, recounts our ancient need to protect ourselves, with peace historically being the result of our “warriors” adequately protecting our borders. He says – as we all now know – “Perimeter defense doesn’t work anymore.”

Seaquist goes on to say, “Peace is what happens when a community … successfully absorbs and transcends attacks of fear and division. A peaceful community is literally a peace-able community. Peace is now principally the work of peace-builders, not warriors. Our new guideline should be, `If you want peace, work for peace.'”

We join with those in our community and the millions around the world who continue to pray that our world leaders will find a way of stepping forward to meet and greet one another in a spirit of true peace, understanding, and reconciliation.

I believe we must remember that peace is not just the goal – peace is the way to achieve the goal.

I’m reminded of an old teaching tale about a grandfather sharing his wisdom with his young grandson.

Grandfather says that there are two wolves living within himself – one an angry, aggressive wolf and the other a friendly, peace-able wolf. Sometimes they are at war with each other, battling for supremacy.

The child asks, “Grandfather, which one wins?”

“The one I feed,” says the old man.

Barb Needham-Chenoweth

New Castle

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