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If you’ve got cat class and you’ve got cat style

April in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April E. Clark

Waiting for Mary Todd Lincoln’s white cake recipe to download, I recalled an infomercial I caught the other night starring cats.

These weren’t the felines that are, in reality, people in pancake make-up and fur-like costumes. Not the bad guy-pummeling cartoon kind, either. Nor are they the life-sized sex-kitten furries.

They make hairballs sexy.

These were real cats trained to use a litter box that resembles a plastic toilet. Most of the photos show the CatGenie right there next to the bathtub or the human toilets with cats seemingly enjoying their bathroom experience. This litter box is so much like a toilet it even flushes.


It’s the CatGenie, “The World’s Only Self-Flushing, Self-Washing Cat Box.” And for those who want everyone to know how much they dig the world’s only self-flushing, self-washing cat box, they can become a fan on Facebook. There are already 50-plus fans.

That has to be a first for the litter box industry.

I’m thinking maybe different outfits and poses for the CatGenie are needed so the profile picture doesn’t get stale. And maybe the CatGenie should take a few Facebook quizzes, such as “Which cat nursery rhyme character are you?” or “Five songs that remind me of cats.” I noticed one fan has seven cats and two CatGenies, so apparently you can never have too many cats. Or CatGenies for that matter.

A maximum CatGenie purchase per household might be recommended.

All this time spent watching cats use their CatGenies on that Friday night infomercial has me wondering (not sounding too much like Carrie Bradshaw) …

Do our pets have it better than we do sometimes?

A simple Google search of pet products reveals thousands of products for our puppies and kitties. There’s the luxury highback Cadillac pet car seat that is undoubtedly more comfortable than any car seat I rode in during the early ’70s, if we even had those back then. There’s a memory foam dog bed I wouldn’t mind trying out, if my dog Elwood would share. There’s also beer for dogs.

If it’s anything like the stuff for humans that could be a real problem when the neighborhood Don Juan dog dude is in heat.

My favorite site has to be Modern Cat. First of all, I had no idea there were so many pink pet products out there. But I know my college cat, Rita – may she rest in kitty heaven peace – would approve. There are beds, tote bags, carriers, cat bowls, collars, and litter boxes all in Rita’s favorite color.

Now I sound like the crazy cat lady.

Since I’ve primarily been a dog owner over the last decade, I was also unaware that cat scratchers were so darn chic. There are eco-friendly bent plywood scratchers that can rest on the floor or hang or lean on the wall. These can also come in handy when humans need their backs scratched and they suddenly find themselves alone and in need of a favor.

Let’s hope the same is not done with the CatGenie when the toilet’s broken.

Sure some cats and dogs are living like kings and queens these days, but what about hamsters? When I was about 13 I had this hamster – a white one cutely named Snowball – who had a pretty easy life. Snowball had a three-story place with his own running wheel. And there was the clear plastic run-about ball I’d put him in so he could roll around the house and get some exercise.

That was in the ’80s.

Today’s hamster has all the luxuries cats and dogs often take for granted. They have premium milk and honey snack drops. There are portable carriers with little holes and handles for those outdoor excursions in the park. Just don’t let little Snowball trick you into letting him out “just for a minute.” Hamsters can really play some mind games.

Good thing there’s “Hamsters for Dummies.”

And self-flushing cat toilets.

April E. Clark wonders if anyone has invented the self-flushing hamster toilet. That would’ve really come in handy when her mom ended up cleaning the cage. She can be reached at aclark@ postindependent.com.

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