Illegal aliens deserve no special privileges |

Illegal aliens deserve no special privileges

Dear Editor,

Please inform Jesus Jaramillo that his letter offended me. Driving and having a driver’s license is a privilege in this country. If we break the law, that privilege is revoked. Illegal aliens by definition are breaking the law, so why should they get the privilege to drive?

Mr. Jaramillo, your statement regarding Linda Lou Roy, “Some of the people may be uneducated – uneducated enough for her to abuse and exploit when doing her housecleaning,” I took to believe you meant the same old story about how Mexicans take jobs no one else wants, like housekeeping.

I have news for you. I was a housekeeper when I was younger. I worked my way through school, got an education and thus got a better career. Most of us did. If it wasn’t housekeeping, it was working at a fast food restaurant. Who do you think did those jobs before Mexican immigrants bombarded us?

We just had more respect for our abilities and ourselves and asked for more money. Those jobs were taken from us and given to those who would take less money. I made good money as a housekeeper. Some members of my family worked with me as well. They turned the skills learned from their experience into a housecleaning career. That is, after all, the American dream: to be your own boss.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against Mexicans who come here legally in pursuit of the American dream. But as we all do, they have to work to get it, not by asking for special rights, privileges or government handouts.

It is not right to have documents or school taught or written in both English and Spanish. That is giving special rights to the Spanish speaking population. What about people of other origins? I don’t hear them complaining. They learn English, as should Mexicans.

If I were to move to another country, I would take the time to learn the language before I moved. I would not expect that country to cater to me in my own language or give me special rights.

Last, I would like to make a comment about Mike Stagner. It is not right for a person to take another life, except in self defense. This man has serious mental health issues and they should be dealt with. But why are his attorneys “bad apples” for trying to get a mentally disturbed man the help he needs? If Stagner does get “off” by reason of insanity, do you honestly believe he will ever be free? I think not.

I want all of us to get along, but that’s not going to happen as long as we keep giving special rights and privileges to illegal aliens and the hatred from one nationality to another does not stop. It also does not help when the media is bent on separating us.

I have yet to hear them describe a white person who is killed as “white.” But when a different nationality is murdered, the media always describe them as such. Black, white, Latino, etc. – we are all people, just people.

Shannon Gossert


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