Illegal immigrants avoid taxes by claiming many dependents

Edith Zuniga

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Garry Evenson’s question whether illegal immigrants pay taxes. As a tax preparer, I know that many illegals don’t pay enough taxes because they claim too many dependents on their W-4 withholding form.

Ms. Lopez asserted that illegal immigrants cannot claim taxes. She is absolutely wrong.

Illegal immigrants do file tax returns, using IRS-issued individual identification numbers but only if they have refunds coming!

Illegal aliens have access to a wealth of funds that most of us are not aware of, such as big government refunds that include child tax credits (up to $2,000) if they have U.S.-born children.

All illegal aliens also have access to WIC, Medicaid, free school lunches, free kinder tuition, free home visits if they have babies, etc.

The real question should be, who pays for all this?

The taxpayers, of course.

In Marty Lich’s letter to the editor, she also mentioned that it costs taxpayers $26 billion annually (after illegals’ tax contributions are subtracted) to fund welfare recipients , which also include illegal immigrants.

The tax budget will never balance if illegal aliens keep claiming six to 12 dependents on their W-4s at work and therefore evade paying taxes, contrary to the rest of us!

Edith Zuniga


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