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I’m only as old as my TV habits

I want my MTV.Yes, it seems I’ve regressed a good 20 years to a time when music television preoccupied my mind. I’m like an academic decathlon champion secretly dating the long-haired boy who smokes, skips class and wears black Dio concert T-shirts.It’s not good for my intellect.Forget about being an authority on anything.So much for my stellar reputation.Somehow I’ve worked watching “Laguna Beach,” “Parental Control,” and “Two-a-Days” into my schedule. It’s taking over my social life, if you can call it a “social” life.Suddenly Alex and Kristen’s break-up is more interesting than my own love life.That isn’t really saying much.Maybe I just like the stories and all that darn drama. Better them than me, I suppose. But what’s life without drama?Just a bunch of pictures set to music.

It’s happening in Carbondale to boot: Celtic Music Festival, 5-9 p.m., downtown CarbondaleThis is why I’d kick it up here: This inaugural event is a precursor to Carbondale’s festive Oktoberfest celebration taking place Saturday. Get ready for one heck of a party, people. I’m especially intrigued by today’s themed activities. I love anything Irish – stouts, corned beef and cabbage, Colin Farrell. The IRA, not so much. Violence just isn’t my thing. Anyway, anyone who’s close enough to me can attest to how much I like to talk about my drawn-out Irish heritage. I’ve even been quoted as saying, “Yeah, well, I’m Irish … and I’ve got the tattoo to prove it.” Genius!

It’s happening in Glenwood Springs to boot: Culinary Arts, Wine & Brewfest, Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, fundraiser, Hotel Colorado. Glenwood Springs, 4-7 p.m. Tickets/ information: 945-2414This is why I’d kick it up here: OK, I sort of have this nickname in the newsroom of “Famous.” It all goes back to one infamous night, so to speak, when I attended last year’s Culinary Arts, Wine & Brewfest. Let’s just say they don’t call red wine the truth serum for nothin’. This is a wine tasting, not a wine chugging, so keep that in mind if you don’t want to end up with a silly nickname, sip, and not swallow in gulps. By the way, they call me Famous because I got a little too big for my britches and started to think I’m just that. Luckily a week at the Poynter Institute, attending classes with Washington Post and Dallas Morning News reporters, has knocked me down to reality.

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