Imagine the future for Four Mile Road

Ed Rosenberg

Dear Editor,

Let’s take a short journey into the future. Close your eyes. . It’s December 2015 … 12 inches of fresh champagne powder (wait, it’s a dream … 16 inches of powder) is waiting for you up the road at Sunlight. . First chair’s got your name on it! You swallow a bagel. . Remember to call in sick to work. Skis, boards, boots, poles – got ’em! Pour some java in a to-go cup. . Yahoo, let’s go! It just don’t get better than this!

Then it happens. . You remember. . Oh no! I have to head up Four Mile! It used to be the best part of the morning next to first tracks! Now there’s Red Feather 1, 2 and 3. There’s Spring Ridge 4, 5 and 6.

There’s another accident! “Who ever thought this road could handle this amount of traffic?” you ask yourself. So much for first tracks! Maybe I’ll just go to work. .

Next time you have the chance take your family for a drive up Four Mile Road, take a few moments to take a brief journey 10 to 20 years down the road.

Who will you think had some vision back in 2003? Will it be the people who favored continual annexation of land up Four Mile, which is necessary for developers to double or triple the density of their projects (beyond what is allowed in the county)?

Or will you feel that the people who did not deny growth, but fought for responsible growth with acceptable densities, had a bit more vision?

It’s difficult enough to be excited about the current approval at Red Feather. It’s even harder to accept tripling its density! Please vote “No” to Red Feather’s annexation.

Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs

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