Immigrants have always sent money home |

Immigrants have always sent money home

Gary Hershoren

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Mr. Anderson, for clarifying your letter of 3/07. I’m sure that you’re not implying that the money sent “home” is illegally gained, since labor is provided for these earnings. Historically, this country has profited from the labor of newly arrived immigrants. Even the early colonists sent both profit and product back to England. Perhaps the Native Americans also deplored the resources of their country being sent out by those who could be considered illegal. Continuing in our history, many immigrant waves have come to this country and served it well, often sharing their good fortune with the folks back “home.” I am the product of such an immigrant wave and, perhaps you, too, Mr. Anderson, are such a product.

Each immigrant group provided cheaper labor be it building railroads, toiling in inner city sweatshops, the picking fields, or the service industry. In the case of the local industry, tourism, the immigrant population is the labor backbone. It is my belief that, given the cost of living in this area, by far the majority of that earned money goes into the local economy. Just go into Glenwood on the weekends and you’ll know upon what much of the local economy rests.

As for the “illegals,” there are many issues, political and economic, that actively support their status. Many local entrepreneurs are able to augment their profit using lower cost labor. That’s part of the capitalist philosophy. In turn, the consumer is able to purchase items at cheaper costs. My opinion is, and it’s strictly that, all of this keeps the money circulating, and that’s important to a positive economy. Please do not get the impression that I am for anti-legal status. That’s a whole other issue.

Gary Hershoren

Glenwood Springs

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