Impacts of Marketplace should be exposed |

Impacts of Marketplace should be exposed

Dear Editor,

In response to the Crystal River Marketplace’s unfriendly, accusatory public letter to the Carbondale Town Mothers:

My mother taught me that to err is human. I was also taught to recognize the sharp distinction between intentional lies versus unintentional misinformation.

The Town Mothers did include inaccurate parking lot size information in an early brochure. That was an honest error resulting from erroneous info from a town official. Other misinformation at Dandelion Days was personally issued by an individual who took the unauthorized liberty of putting the Town Mothers’ name on his flyer.

We have no reason to deceive anyone and nothing to gain personally. We are respected, long-term residents of this town – mothers and professionals who over the years have contributed greatly to the Carbondale community and want to maintain friendly relations with our neighbors. We’re here for the long run.

We have diligently pursued facts about the Crystal River Marketplace with town staff and elected officials. At a recent Town Trustees meeting, complex facts regarding the proposed development and associated issues were acknowledged to be, in some cases, unknown.

As Carbondale-loving residents who care passionately about the well-being of our community and the healthy quality of life with which we are so blessed, the Town Mothers wish to see the many ramifications of this proposed incarnation of the Crystal River Marketplace development brought to light so that voters can make an intelligent choice on July 15. Our decisions are only as good as our information.


Laurie Loeb


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