In defense of Aspenites |

In defense of Aspenites

Dear Editor,

Mark Mixon’s prejudice rantings (“Who’s Really Ruining the Roaring Fork Valley”) left me enraged.

Since I spent 21 years living in Aspen and another eight working there, since my parents worked there for more than 22 years, and my four brothers, two of whom remain there, graduated from school there, and my son was born at Aspen Valley Hospital, I consider myself an Aspenite, even though I lived in Glenwood the past 14 years. And I’m proud of all that.

I am, by the way, a volunteer and a community-minded individual. I share the road, obey the laws, and get involved in causes that I believe in.

I know many like me who moved to Carbondale, Glenwood and points west. I grew up with them and with their children. I know others who are from Aspen who come to Glenwood to shop, buy cars and clothing, ski, run the rivers, and help support the town. Most, if not all, are law-abiding, speed limit-driving, tax-paying, volunteering, gardening, fun-loving, caring, family-oriented people. They shop in Glenwood Springs, own homes in Glenwood Springs, live and love in Glenwood Springs. Many of them are third- and fourth-generation Roaring Fork Valley.

Yes, there are a few who think the world owes them, and they take more than their share and think they own the road and that the rest are simply here to serve. But there are a few just like them right here in Glenwood Springs, and in most every town in the country. Fortunately, a very few.

Mixon, why would you take it upon yourself, in this post Sept. 11 era, to attempt to pit the people of one community against another? Not to mention the fact that you tried to draw people in to reading your letter by making it seem you were targeting the Mexican population. Isn’t there enough hatred already? You may want to consider a little soul-searching.

Tamie Meck


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