In defense of home schooling |

In defense of home schooling

Dear Editor,

I realize that you have no control over the content of the cartoons in your paper. However, the cartoon “Real Life” you published on April 29 inspired me to write to you. The cartoon’s caption read: “Home-schooling is only as good as the home-schooler.” The picture showed a man’s sock-clad feet hanging over the edge of a couch, and his son is telling a friend: “… and my dad’s going to be my phys ed teacher.” The father comments, “Hey son. Run and get me some more pretzels, would you?”

This cartoon does not portray “Real Life” in the vast majority of home-school families. I do not home-school my daughter so she can fetch me pretzels or because it is easy. It isn’t. It requires parents to invest time, energy and a little discipline into their children.

I home-school because I want to be incredibly involved in my children’s education. I believe that whether parents home-school or send their children to a public or private school, they are still responsible for the education of their children. I believe parents should be the “general contractor” of their children’s education. Independent research has shown that children do better academically not because one or both of their parents have a college degree, but how involved they are with educating their children.

The dividends of homeschooling are not always immediate, but are long lasting. When children learn to love to learn, rather than just studying for the test, the parents see a high return on their investment.

It is politically incorrect to portray certain segments of society as lazy and irresponsible. Please do not subject home-schoolers to this type of prejudice.


Diane Williams-Perry


P.S. My daughter started earning her Phys. Ed. credits last year by walking one to two miles in less than 14 minutes and finished by swimming 1500 meters every morning.

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