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In Tune With Musicians

Post Independent/April E. Clark

Editor’s note: Texas recording artist Bo Rivers plays from 9 p.m. to midnight Saturday at Buffalo Valley in Glenwood Springs. Cover is $7 per person or $12 per couple. Rivers is interested in returning to the valley next summer to play at the Garfield County Fairgrounds to benefit a local volunteer fire department. More information about him can be found at

City/hometown: Born in Houston, raised in Garland, Texas, now lives in Canton, TexasAge: 58 Type of music played: I play a variety of different kinds of music, but I guess I kind of specialize in covering Willie Nelson’s and Roy Orbison’s hits. I have my own kind of music on my record label named Hot Brand.How long have you been playing? 43 yearsWhat was the name of your first band? I had my first band in 1964 called Zago-go Men.Who’s your biggest fan? My personal manager, Miss Kelly, has been my agent since ’94. She’s actually the catalyst for keeping me moving on the highway.

Who will be playing with you Saturday night? My special guests are Bill Conn and Steve Jueneman from Scooze, Tonice Jones, Billy Milo, and, last but not least, Elvis.Most memorable city, town or country you’ve played: All over, when I was touring with Jewel Aikens and the World Famous Coasters in 1985. He had that hit, “The Birds And The Bees.” I really learned some techniques from him, and it was a thrill to stand next to him and play on stage. Another time I played in Vegas for Debbie Reynolds. She came up to me on stage, sat next to me and I played for her.Favorite cover song: “On The Road Again” – that song means so much to so many people. The crowd really connects to it. It just has a spark to it.Who is your favorite person you’ve met on the road? Ernest Borgnine. I met him in Williams, Ariz., in an RV park. He was just a jolly, gracious gentleman. He was the first one to sign my guitar. Now I’ve got so many you can’t see my guitar.What three musicians, living or dead, would you play with if you could? Roy Orbison is one, Elvis Presley and of course, Willie (I’ve appeared with him once).

Ever been heckled? I’ve had a beer bottle thrown at me, but I was behind chicken wire. I’ve actually played behind chicken wire. The bottle was coming at me and I thought, “Thank God for chicken wire.”Biggest influence: My mother because I actually think she loved me more than I ever knew she did. She influenced me and stood behind me my entire life but I didn’t connect with that at the time. She took care of me because I know she had a big love for me.If you could only own one album for the rest of your life, what would it be? It would have to be Roy Orbison’s Greatest Hits. That was Elvis’ favorite entertainer, too.If the band had a mascot, who or what would it be? If I had a mascot, it would probably be my dog, Pony. She’s a border collie. I guess I’d have her up on stage with a bandanna on her neck while I was playing all the tunes. Is everything really bigger in Texas? That really depends on the eye of the beholder. Things can be really big in Texas if you believe they are.

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