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In Tune With Musicians

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Band’s motto: “Don’t call animal control – it’s only rock ‘n’ roll.”City/hometown: Dan Brennan-Combs (drums) and Dale Loper (guitar/vocals), Glenwood Springs; Tom Mercer (bass/vocals), CarbondaleType of music played: Upbeat rock ‘n’ roll, new and old, equally suitable for listening or dancingHow long has the band been together? 12 yearsHow did you meet?Tom Mercer: The three of us were all contestants in an Elvis look-alike contest in Las Vegas. None of us won the contest or even placed (the odds were against us), but we took a sacred oath then and there to spread our brand of music far and wide. No, wait a minute. That wasn’t it. I think we met while we were all waiting to appear before the local musicians’ union disciplinary board in Pinedale, Wyo. No, that wasn’t it either. Maybe we met on the Staten Island Ferry … Oh, I don’t know. Who can remember that long ago? Does it matter?Dan Brennan-Combs and Dale Loper: Through musician friendsMost memorable city, town or country the band has played:

TM: Carbondale, of course! We performed at the Tommy Harris Memorial Cup Polo Match on Aug. 21, 1994. The event was a benefit for the American Cancer Society. It was memorable because the afternoon was exceedingly surreal. Ginger Baker (of Cream and Blind Faith) was playing polo, Hunter S. Thompson was throwing smoke bombs, and Vanessa Warren was doing cartwheels on the polo grounds. Ya gotta love Carbondale!DBC and DL: Meeker rocks!Favorite cover song:TM: “Heaven” by Los Lonely BoysDBC and DL: “Bittersweet” by Big Head Todd and the MonstersWhat was the best part of playing summer festivals such as Burning Mountain Days? TM: The band pretty much gets to set the pace for the festivities. We played at the old Landmark Inn in Carbondale during Mountain Fair weekend one year and the courtyard was packed to capacity with people partying. The band was rockin’, it was literally shoulder-to-shoulder and, well, you get it. There were even a bunch of guys hanging from the tree branches over the stage. Someone threw an open can of Campbell’s soup at us that night. It’s always great to see an entire community come together to celebrate a special day, and we’re always glad to be a part of the plan, even if it involves soup.DBC and DL: Dancing peopleWhat three musicians, living or dead, would the band jam with if it could? TM: Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd), Sid Vicious (The Sex Pistols) and Cid Ceasar (comedian)DBC: Humble Pie, Foreigner, and Gin BlossomsDL: Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton

Ever been heckled?TM: Absolutely, and with great skillDBC and DL: Yes – we don’t play country!Ever seen a bar fight break out during a set? TM: Sure, lots. The worst ones always seem to involve ladies. At least they scare us the most.DBC and DL: Yes, and sometimes included the band!Band’s biggest influence: TM: Marharishi Mahesh Yogi BearDBC and DL: Gin BlossomsIf the band had a mascot, who or what would it be?TM: An electric eel. We’d name him “Chuck” or “Buzz” and feed him Purina Eel Chow.DBC and DL: A Rock Dog

Pick oneRolling Stones or The Beatles: The BeatlesRobert Plant or Jim Morrison: Jim MorrisonVinyl or CD: TM: VinylDBC and DL: CDDenim or leather: Denim. What, no latex?Groupie or girlfriend: Girlfriend Electric or acoustic: TM: ElectricDBC and DL: Electric, acoustic drums

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