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Editors Note: Rock-psychedelic-powerpop band SeepeopleS plays at 9 p.m. today at the Black Nugget in Carbondale. For more information about the band, visit http://www.seepeoples.comSEEPEOPLESCity/hometown: Asheville, N.C.Type of music: First and foremost, we are a rock band. We all come from different musical arenas. We have often been described as a genreless band and I hope we always get described that way.Members names: Will Bradford (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Dan Ingenthron (bass, vocals); Tim Haney (drums); and Peter Keys (keyboards, vocals)Whats the story behind the bands name?Will: The band is loosely named after the Sea Peoples, a pre-Phoenician sailing culture, who were amongst the first people to import their culture to other places via ancient sailing routes. In essence, the first touring musicians were amongst them. They also had a knack for smashing down small civilizations, not that we condone that kind of thing Tim: Going out to see people is what we do, hence the ocular reference.Why cardboard instruments in the Apocalypse Cow video on You Tube? Back when we lived in Boston, we saw two homeless guys rockin out on cardboard instruments after a Red Sox game. It was beautiful.Ever been heckled? All the time. Just the other night a guy told me we listen to too much Pink Floyd.Biggest influences:Will: Lenny Bruce, Wile E Coyote, The Beatles, The Orb, Burning Spear, TolstoyTim: Frank Zappa, The Band, Christopher Walken, Tom Robbins, Unagi SushiDan: NASDAQ, Knight Rider, and any type of music that was ever played by somebody who meant itPete: Coffee, Mike & Ikes, cheese Danishs, Red Bull and musicIf you play any covers, whats the groups favorite?Pete: Pets by Porno for PyrosTim: Watching the Wheels by John LennonWill: Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles, because its the coolest song ever. Also We Are Spirits in the Material World, by The Police because we areDan: Thursday by MorphineWhich three musicians, living or dead, would you jam with if you could?Tim: Frank Zappa, Rick Danko, Harry NilsonDan: Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, D. BoonWill: Syd Barrett, Peter Tosh, U-RoyMost memorable moment while on the road: There is a great story I could tell you about a night in Kansas that involved dwarves, a medieval fighting tournament and a mail-order bride from China. The story is neither perverted nor grotesque, and is entirely true, but far too long to sum up in the pages of this newspaper. Ask me about it sometime in person.If the group had a nursery rhyme named for it, what would it be called and who would be the main characters? If such a thing existed, it would feature us as main characters and have a fun name, something like The Waste Lands by T.S. Eliot.If you could describe the band in one word, what would it be?Will: Odd; Tim: Obtuse; Dan: the; Pete: #@*$FavoritesPart of growing up in the 80s:Tim: Alf, Flavor Ice popsicles and Huffy bicycles; Dan: Voltron and Quiet Riot; Will: Flux Capacitor, 2 Live Crew and Master of Puppets; Pete: Sorry, I was born in 1990Adult beverage:Dan: Harp Larger; Tim: Guinness; Will: Whisky made by people in the South, Ireland and Scotland; Pete: Red BullComedian:Will: George Carlin; Tim: Dennis Leary; Dan: George BushCar color:Dan: Rust; Tim: Teal Green; Will: White, because our van is whiteFlavor of popsicle:Tim: Green tea; Dan: Barbecue; Will: Smoked hamSouth Park character:Dan: Mr. Hanky; Tim: Chef; Will: The Sea Peoples, of course (no we did not name the band after this episode)Britney Spears moment:Tim: Supposedly dated a friend of mine; Dan: Supposedly dated me; Will: That time she got knocked up by the bozoCake frosting color:Will: Pink; Dan: Rust; Tim: Electric blueHorror movie:Tim: IT; Dan: The Shining; Will: Dr. Strangelove and Peter PanAtari video game:Dan: Space Invaders the most addictive game ever made; Tim: Tennis; Will: Slalom Ski or Frogger

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