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In Tune With Musicians Gabrielle Louise

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Editors Note: Singer-songwriter Gabrielle Louise plays the Hotel Colorado at 7:30 p.m. today. The Erin Bode Group performs the next night at 7:30 p.m. Visit and to learn more about the musicians.Band name: This is something Ive been brainstorming, as Id like to have a more creative term to distinguish band appearances from solo shows. Currently the name of the group is still billed as my name, Gabrielle Louise. The line-up of the group frequently changes, since I am a geographical gypsy. Eventually, as the lineup solidifies, Id like to have something along the lines of Gabrielle Louise and the _____. For instance, Gabrielle Louise & the Bad Examples or Gabrielle Louise & the Vagabonds, but I havent settled on anything quite yet.City/hometown: Salida, Colo., Baby! I was based in Boston for awhile, and also New York City.Type of music played: Homegrown country folk with a sprinkling of jazzBand members names: Joe Skala on bass, and Branden Sipes on lead guitar. For the majority of the tour, weve had Nick Falk on percussion (not performing today), and for the Hotel Colorado show well have Kailin Yong on fiddle. Kailin is a frequent guest in my group and appears also on my new CD. He also plays with a great Colorado based group called the Boulder Acoustic Society.Most memorable experience playing music in Colorado: Ive had some pretty memorable experiences growing up in this state and playing music; its hard to narrow down. I feel like each gig has its own spectacular setting and memory. This August, weve been touring all throughout the state, so Im glad we finally bought the notorious staple of touring bands the VW van. Its nicknamed the Journey-mobile, a nod to my debut CD, Journey. Wed like to ultimately convert it to a bio-diesel vehicle used exclusively for touring.One cool thing that happened this summer was when we were playing at the Crested Butte Arts Fair, which is this fantastic fair showcasing painters, craftsmen, musicians, potters, etc. in one of the most beautiful parts of Colorado. We were gearing up to go onstage and jamming out in this baseball field to the song Poncho and Lefty by Towns Van Zandt (one of my favorite songwriters) when this local musician rode up on a bicycle and started playing the harmonica with us. He told us that the song we were playing was actually written down the street from were we were! He ended up sitting in on our show and singing perfect harmonies with me. It was a pretty neat afternoon.Ever been heckled? Yes, of course. Thats a very frustrating position to be in. Reminds me of walking down the street in New York City and having people randomly yell at you to convert to this religion or that religion, to buy this product or that product. So I just ignore it. Dont know what else you can do, really.What message do you want to convey in your music? Thats tough to answer because each song for me is its own unique entity with its own personality, theme, and message. Overall, I write a lot of story-based music. I could also venture to generalize that Ive got a number of tunes about family. My debut record was very optimistic, but the record Im working on now is pretty somber, and I suppose its me coming to terms with honoring that emotional state of being. We live in a society where we are taught to be ashamed of our sadness. I think that all emotions are worth honoring, even our darkest spaces.Which three musicians, living or dead, would you jam with if it could? Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Paul McCartney. Hands down.Biggest influence: JoniIf you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be? For me performing is about who Im performing for. If my audience is into it, I dont really care where Im at. But it would be pretty cool to do a series of house concerts in villas throughout Italy.Whats your favorite cover song to play? Wayfaring Stranger ( the best part about being on stage? The adrenaline rush. Its similar in the rush you get from jumping off a cliff or rafting, but it lasts longer. Im usually smiling all night after a performance.Words to live by: Never give advice, it ends in disaster.

Woman in history: Molly Brown The UnsinkableSongwriter: Joni MitchellMusical instrument: Bandoneon I love tangoSummertime food: Chicken Salad with Lemon DressingWriter or poet: Jonathan Safran Foer…Check out his work, hes incredible.Comic strip: Calvin and HobbsSubject in school: PhotographyCold beverage: Mango smoothieChildhood Memory: Pretending to run away from home and building funny tents in the woods, or unreliable boats for the river.Place to relax and kick back: In a raft in the sun on a river. Its where Im headed right now! Whoo hoo! Im leaving right now to do a rafting trip in Utah where we combine rafting and music for a few folks who join us.

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