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In Tune with Musicians

Editor’s note: Melody Hartman will play folk, blues and standards from 5:30-7:30 p.m. today at the Exclamation Point Restaurant at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Call 945-4228 for more information.

City/town: I moved to Glenwood Springs in May 2005. Musical background/education: I first picked up a guitar at 15, and by age 19, I was playing professionally all over Europe. Since being back in the States, I’ve been in several bands, from an all-girl trio aptly named Three She’s To The Wind, to playing in a country band with Dusty Rogers, Roy and Dale’s son. Now I play an eclectic mix of folk, blues and standards, peppered with a country song here and there.Places you’ve played: I played in Europe for a number of years. One of my 15 minutes of fame (there have been more than a few) was when I played a command performance for Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor of Germany, (the equivalence of the president here in the states). It was shortly after he got elected, and my 3-day-old son was in a basket at my feet while I was on stage! I’ve played the folk festival circuit in Minnesota and Canada. Locally, last week I played at Rivers, in Glenwood, and a man said to me, “You’ve got a really big sound for such a little gal.” I guess I do … I like to get people moving! I’ve played State Bridge, out of Wolcott, Steve’s Guitars in Carbondale, Glenwood Music’s Wednesday Night Live, and am looking forward to playing Fridays at Glenwood Caverns this winter – I’ll also be there Christmas Eve.Family information: I was an unwanted child and spent my first 10 years in an orphanage in England. Through a course of events, I ended up living with my natural mother in the United States. She was not good for my health, and I left home at the age of 12, living on the streets in the beach towns of Southern California. I’m actually working on a book about some of those adventures. I feel very blessed to have been in southern California in the early ’60s. I got to go to Monterey Festivals, Newport, San Francisco, etc., and I can’t think of any band from that era that I did not get to see play live.What is the best part about being a musician? Sanctuary. Coming from one’s heart, and touching other hearts. Maybe turning someone’s day around. Bringing joy to others in the midst of this troubled world.What do you do in your free time? Gardening is another passion of mine. It comes naturally, people tell me I have a green thumb. I write a lot of poetry, some of them actually becoming songs, I teach guitar, but I love singing for music lovers the most. What’s your favorite instrument? I play guitar, but I’ve always been fascinated by drummers, especially if they sing too. It’s difficult to fathom that they’re doing five things at once!Who’s your favorite musician? Do we have room here?What or who is your biggest influence? I’ve never wanted to be like anyone else. I’ve either written or adopted songs that were either autobiographical to me or that seemed universal enough to encompass the joys and suffering that we all experience. I like to call it the human adventure.What’s your favorite song? If I were to name only one, I think it would be “Smile” sung by Nat King Cole. Of course just about anything he sang could be my favorite, but I remember hearing “Smile” while I was going through a difficult period in my life, and I knew, when I heard that voice, that I could make it through anything.The Post Independent is asking accomplished musicians to participate in “In Tune With Musicians” by providing clear, descriptive and fun explanations about what makes them tick as artists, including experiences in their industry, hobbies and influences. Return completed forms to April Clark, at, 945-4487 (fax), or 2014 Grand Ave., Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.

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