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‘Indiana’ still rocks the theater

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To quote my father, “Spielberg and Lucas…wow.” These two make such a great team, it’s hard to believe they don’t work together more.

What writer George Lucas and director Steven Spielberg have apart is incredible, but collectively the “Star Wars” meets “Jurassic Park” phenomenon is explosive. The “Indiana Jones” franchise is one that will never grow old, even as Harrison Ford does.

Not that he did not look, and even stunt, the part of Indy this time. On the contrary, he pulled it off better than expected. He was able to bring his age to the screen so that the audience was confronted with it, and then moved on without a blink.

In this episode, Indy is confronted by a young man, Mutt (Shia LaBeouf) who asks for his help to save his mother. His mom turns out to be Indy’s long lost love Marion Ravenwood (a name that could only be pulled off in the height of “007,” played by the original actress Karen Allen).

Together the pair head to Peru, and then to the Amazon, all the while slashing their way through obstacles that are sure to get Disney’s mouth watering for a new themed ride.

Be prepared for Indy to “pass his hat” but look for the sign that Ford is not quite ready to throw in the towel.

The action scenes are intense. In fact, this is one two-plus hour movie that did not feel like it. What it proved is that the franchise is alive and well, which is terrific for some of us who hope for many more “Indiana Jones” movies.

Oh Patrick Dempsey, will you ever cease to be anything to any of us but McDreamy? His paper-thin characters are redundant. If he does not do anything besides romantic comedies soon, I am tempted to write him off forever (besides “Grey’s Anatomy” of course).

In his latest version of hardly acting, Dempsey plays Tom Baily, a serial ladies man with a set of rules that include, “Never twice in one week”, which means exactly what you think it does.

His rules get him off the hook with his conscience, and seemingly with everyone else. This includes the girls he sleeps with, who know these “rules” and yet still insist on seeing him. Men, these women do not exist, so I would not advise you try it.

What Tom Baily eventually discovers is that he is in love with his best friend Hannah (Michelle Monaghan). Why do we believe that this woman-swapper is for real? I am not sure I ever did.

Right as Tom is about to profess his undying “love” to Hannah, she reveals that she is marrying Scottish royalty. You already know how it ends but here is my vote, any sane woman would have taken the Scott. Better luck next time Dempsey

I am sure I am not alone in voicing how excited I am to see the new “Sex and the City” film out today. I know every woman will be there and men, you can say you were “dragged” but you know you love it. Go Carrie!

My advice for seeing this movie: do not go in with unreasonable expectations. You will always be disappointed. Go in with an open mind and just remember how much you love the girls. See you there!

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