Indifference is the high religion |

Indifference is the high religion

Dear Editor,

Walter Lippman proclaimed that “indifference” is the “high religion.” We should take what we do seriously, but observe the little things that indifference gives us. In those insights lies the power of the universe. We hope this isn’t lost in our children … via schools, churches, and corporations. It has, in 1258, in Babylon, when the indifference of Islam was violated by invading armies. It never recovered.

From his questionable acquisition of this high office of President of the United States, it is now clear that George W. Bush become the president of the people, of the world, rather than beholding to any fluke in the voting machines or the “appeasing” attitude of the Supreme Court, or any power his father had. It would be a sad irony that the President, whose name is coincidental with our original English oppressor, and whose birthday is almost coincidental with Independence Day, would oversee the dissolution of this sacred gift?

Never has so much been riding on so little. Go, George, go! We ultimately have to have faith in one person; hopefully, his advisers are honest, god-fearing men, not weak, corrupt, self-serving weasels … the common example we see in Saddam.

O Lord, maintain our indifference, that we may give it to the world. Rejoice, Babylon, that you shall see your glory restored by America’s example of corporate, religious, legal, and scholastic accountability. Pray that you forget the violation of Alexander two thousand years ago, and that you shall become a full world citizen, in the great company of the United States and all her institutions. She shall stand by the oppressed, and ensure the equities granted by the Creator.

Do we have the stomach, the heart and the indifference? Only by example and sticking by our principles and cleaning up our own mess. GWB is not a president of the “high religion” … Get Rambo and revenge out of there. … Infidels, indeed.

Fred Stewart

Glenwood Springs

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