Internet marketing in demand |

Internet marketing in demand

Jackie Binion

As more and more people get “wired,” there is increasing demand for businesses to go global by entering Internet markets.

The need is greater every day as increasing numbers of businesses open their online storefronts. It’s not just the Amazons and Expedias that compete; there is a local need for an Internet marketing presence, especially in a town like Glenwood Springs, where we thrive on the summer and winter tourism business. Not only is there a draw to visit Aspen or Vail, the Roaring Fork Valley and Glenwood have become major draws for exploration as well.

Kevin and Kathy Schneider, owners of Rock Gardens Rafting, contacted Blizzard Internet Marketing Inc. last summer to start planning for the opening of Glenwood Canyon Resort. In order to encourage their new business and foster local tourism to help it thrive, they saw the need to market the business on the Internet. Patrick Cowan, of Glenwood Canyon Resort, agreed “that a company who hopes to generate any substantial business from their Web site can no longer get by unless that Web site is a comprehensive one stop shop.” Here are some of the steps that turned this plan into a successful action:

– If you are going to be competitive in the Internet marketing world, having a well-designed and functioning Web site is the first step. The Web site that Blizzard designed for Glenwood Canyon Resort,, is appealing to the eye and captures a visitor with well-chosen photos that showcase the atmosphere and surroundings of the resort. Even a flatlander would be able to picture the beauty of this Colorado River resort. Another element of the design is well-written text that not only describes the resort and its unique lodging, but also details the area of Glenwood and other attractions that guests may be drawn to.

– One of the major factors to consider with a new Web site is how well a visitor can get around. A site that is easy to navigate is one that will hold a visitor. The ultimate goal is to get a visitor to the shopping cart, gift certificate or reservations pages. The information obtained on a reservations page is sent directly to those responsible for taking the reservations. Direct online distribution is the best tool that any business can engage in, and in the hospitality industry, statistics continue to show an increase in online bookings. Utilizing the proper tools to make this happen will not only cut costs, but also create a business-to-consumer relationship early on in the process.

– Another great way to motivate users through a Web site is by managing a specials page. Glenwood Canyon Resort has been using this page for a few months now to encourage users to find the interior pages of the site and find the Grand Opening Special and the Stay and Play Mid-Week Special. This page is editable by the Glenwood Canyon Resort and can be updated when necessary. Packages and specials are very strong marketing techniques that help sell what a company has to offer.

This next step is a pretty major portion of the Internet marketing equation. Having a great site is one thing, but driving qualified traffic to your Web site is the real objective.

Pay-per-click advertising is a major force in the Internet marketing world. By choosing keywords associated with your business and writing online advertisements, you can buy traffic to encourage shoppers to click through to your Web site. Through its PPC advertising, Glenwood Canyon Resort has enjoyed sharing the vision of the property with many Web site visitors. Over the course of the last few months, this type of advertising is partially responsible for the more than 1,300 visitors who visited

– Another major factor was getting past guests to consider the resort for their next trip to Glenwood. Rock Gardens Rafting had been collecting e-mails of customers for some time, and the new Web site has a signup for its e-newsletter; both combined provide a solid distribution list. The company sent its first e-mail newsletter as an announcement of the grand opening celebration on May 21. The newsletter included good information about the new facilities, along with a special offer, which was part of the celebration. This was a great invitation that directed visitors to the Web site and to take a look at what the resort has to offer.

These are just a few elements of successful online marketing; by employing them, finding and retaining a visitor on your Web site gets a little easier. While there’s more to cover for the resort, creating the initial draw was a very important factor in the marketing plan as a whole. Glenwood Canyon Resort is happy to have professionals close by to facilitate their online marketing strategies. It looks as though the summer is off to an amazing start. Be sure to get out to No Name and check out this beautiful resort that is sure to be a landmark for Glenwood Springs tourists.

Jackie Binion is a promotion account manager for Blizzard Internet Marketing Inc. To learn more about Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc., visit, or visit for more information on the resort and its new facilities.

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