Invasion of the iPod people |

Invasion of the iPod people

In the world of the iPod, Bo Diddley, Green Day and 50 Cent live together in harmony.Apple’s popular digital music player allows listeners to mix as many different artists and genres as storage allows. So far, Apple has sold more than 10 million iPods.”You can fit a lot of music in one package,” said Troy Johnson, manager of Radio Shack in Glenwood Springs.In February, Apple boosted the music player’s popularity by introducing its iPod mini. Minis come as 4-gigabyte models for $199 or 6GB players with 50 percent more storage for $249.Also new is the iPod shuffle, which can be purchased starting at $99 and can hold up to 240 songs. Smaller than a pack of gum and weighing as much as a car key, the iPod shuffle is available in 512MB or 1G models.Since Apple created the iTunes Music Store, more than 250 million songs an average of a quarter million daily downloads or nearly half a billion songs per year have been purchased and downloaded.”When we launched the iTunes Music Store we were hoping to sell a million songs in the first six months now we’re selling over a million songs every day, and we’ve sold over a quarter billion songs in total,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs in a press statement.The music store allows Mac and PC users to purchase and download music legally online. It is available in 15 countries, dominating more than 70 percent of the global music market.”We receive a lot of in-store customers looking for iPods,” said salesman Jason Parrish of Rollin Audio in Glenwood Springs. “Everyone has one, but there are not really a lot of places around the area to buy them.”Parrish said his store sells car adapters and mounting brackets for the iPod, but not the digital music player itself. He said many new radios offer built-in iPod adapters.In Glenwood Springs, iPods can be ordered from Radio Shack or Staples. Neither store carries the high-demand music player, although Johnson, said customers can order iPods shipped to their door within one week.”There are just not enough out there to allocate them to retail stores,” he said. “We would sell a lot more of them if we stocked them.”Johnson compared the iPod’s demand to that of Nike shoes such as Air Jordans in the 1980s.”MP3 players are cool, but the iPod brand has a lot to do with its popularity,” he said. “I think iPods are amazing storage devices that offer a combination of new technology and brand image.” Although the iPod generation is highly populated by young music listeners, Johnson said he takes orders from a variety of demographics.”It’s really all over the board,” he said. “People get them for their 10-year-olds and then I’ve had senior citizens buy them. I would say the biggest age group is 20 to 35. Most high school kids are getting the cheaper MP3 players.”Various iPod models are available online at or from numerous online retailers and electronics stores in Glenwood Springs such as Staples and Radio Shack.Contact April E. Clark: 945-8515, ext. iTunes top 5: 1. “Candy Shop,” 50 Cent 2. “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” Green Day 3. “Since U Been Gone,” Kelly Clarkson 4. “Rich Girl” Gwen Stefani & Eve 5. “Mr. Brightside” The Killers GSPI publisher Mike Bennett’s top 5: 1. “It’s Time to Cry,” Paul Anka 2. “Road Runner,” Bo Diddley 3. “Neil Gow’s Lament on the Death of his Wife,” Abby Newton 4. “Let it Be Me,” Dick Gaughan 5. “I Wanna Love My Life Away” Gene Pitney GSPI copy editor Dan Thomas’ top 5: “Parabol/Parabola,” Tool; 2. “Guava Jelly/This Train,” Sublime; 3. “Paper’d Up,” Snoop Dogg; 4. “Hey Ya!” Outkast; 5. “If” Nelly feat. the Neptunes

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