Invoking 9/11 for this war is an insult to those who died that day |

Invoking 9/11 for this war is an insult to those who died that day

Carole O'Brien

Dear Editor,

On Sept. 11, I watched in horror as the towers fell. When reports started coming in that the planes involved were commercial airliners, my thoughts went to my youngest daughter, a flight attendant for United. I knew she was flying that day, but I didn’t know where. For two hours I tried to reach her cell phone. For two hours I suffered every parent’s nightmare – not knowing if my child was dead or alive.

Finally, she answered her phone. She was in the air when the attacks happened, and her flight had been diverted. We shared tears of joy because she was safe, and tears of sorrow because so many were not. The reality of events was overwhelming. My daughter was immediately furloughed, and I was not sorry.

I was angry at the injury done to my country, but more angry at what could have happened to my child and at what did happen to so many. I flew the flag and supported the attack on Afghanistan.

Now, as high noon approaches and Saddam has made it clear he won’t get out of Dodge, I feel like I’m watching the towers fall again. I love my country and believe in the ideals on which it is founded. I support our troops – brave sons and daughters of proud and worried parents. I cannot support this war. This war is not about 9/11. It is about greed, oil, power and ego. To invoke 9/11 as a reason for this war is an insult to those who died that day.

Thank you,

Carole O’Brien

New Castle

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