Iraq war will not liberate Iraqis |

Iraq war will not liberate Iraqis

Sue Gray

Dear Editor,

The latest lie being shoved down the throat of the American public is that of “liberating” the Iraqi people and bringing democracy to Iraq. Americans swallow this ludicrous idea because they understand virtually nothing about Iraq’s cultural composition. In addition to the potential Kurdish insurrection, the Shi’ites present a solid obstacle to liberty and democracy.

The Shi’ites comprise the majority of Iraq’s population, so they would naturally have the advantage in a democracy, gaining dominance in government. But the Shi’ites lean toward fundamentalism and are very anti-Western, which would pose a problem for U.S. “vital interests.” The Bush administration does not want a repressive, fundamentalist, anti-Western regime in Iraq. That means it must control the selection of candidates.

So much for democracy.

Furthermore, according to Shi’ites, the right to govern is hereditary. They are never loyal to any ruler unless he is one of the descendants of `Ali bin Abi Taalib. Any governing body in Iraq will have to put down Shi’ite rebellions in the same way Saddam has for the last 20 years – by force.

The Iraqi people will be no freer to oppose a U.S.-installed regime than they were to oppose the regime of Saddam Hussein.

So much for liberty.

“Operation Iraqi Freedom” is a ridiculous piece of propaganda employed to win public approval for the war. The real purpose of this war is being concealed, because if Americans discover what their sons and daughters are actually killing and dying for, there will be unanimous public outrage.

Sue Gray


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