Iraqis now free to choose their own future |

Iraqis now free to choose their own future

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Fred Franz, first of all, I did not say I can “rationalize the deaths of innocents because I know it will free 25 million of their countrymen.” I did say that the antiwar people do not seem to care about the millions of his own citizens Saddam killed. To them, dying for fascism is somehow less tragic than dying for freedom.

I certainly do not have any illusions concerning the Iraqis’ decisions regarding their political future. I don’t care if they embrace democracy or not. I only care that they can make that decision on their own and not be forced to live under a brutal dictator’s rule.

As far as Afghanistan is concerned, that war as he calls it is still ongoing. And sure, I am concerned about the terrible things happening in Africa. But I will bet money that if we went to Africa next, the left would be screaming bloody murder about that also.

What Mr. Franz is really saying, and what all the anti-Americans and leftist radicals are saying, is no matter whether we had toppled Saddam or not, whether we had gone into Syria or not, whether we have to go into North Korea or not, either way they won’t be happy because President Bush was right and they just can’t stand to admit they were wrong.

Come on, Mr. Franz, stop watching the liberal media outlets and start doing a little in-depth reading and research. The truth only hurts for a little while.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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