Iraqis should be expected to fight back |

Iraqis should be expected to fight back

Patrick Dalrymple

Dear Editor,

We are, apparently, to quote Claude Rains, “Shocked, shocked” that the Iraqis would fight tenaciously against a foreign invader.

In our glowing hubris of empire are we so silly as to believe that human nature will take a vacation simply because we feel it necessary to unseat a dictator?

People always do this, be they Native American tribes in North America, or Zulus in Africa. People tend to defend their native soil with their lives, and it generally doesn’t matter much who their leaders are.

It’s as if, as a nation, from top to bottom, we’ve never opened a history book. If we did, we’d see the example of the Apache, the Aztecs, the Russians in 1942, the Jews at Masada, and not assume that, as invaders, we’d be welcomed as liberators.

Patrick Dalrymple


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