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‘Iron Man’ star makes it work

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Summer Moore
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Three out of four stars

While I would never have picked Robert Downey Jr. as my Iron Man, I have to admit it worked. As Iron Man’s alter ego Tony Stark, Downey was conceited to the point of obnoxiousness while staying on track to be my hero.

Stark is a second generation, trust-fund mechanical genius, who now runs his dead father’s weapons manufacturing company.

While on a demonstration in the Middle East, Stark is captured and tortured. He makes an iron suit to escape, and then builds a much flashier version at home. With the ability to fly and shoot mini-rockets out of his arms, Stark is on track to save the world.

Downey is joined by a well-seasoned cast including Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges (who dons a wickedly bold new hair style). Director Jon Favreau (“Elf”) proves he can do more than comedy.

There were some halting moments, however. First, Marvel really needs to come out with a new super-hero like Spiderman soon. We need someone who does not have unlimited time and funds on his hands. What is so special about a guy who can blow a billion dollars on a proto-type without blinking?

Also, while the special effects were done to satisfaction here, the film began to have a “Transformers 2” feel toward the end. While there is nothing wrong with two giant robots having a death match at 30,000 feet, it felt a little used.

Musicals are always done one of two ways, either they are abhorrently awful or successfully brilliant. This one was the later.

Isn’t it perfect: you decide to take some time off in a new country and you meet the perfect traveling partner who has nothing better to do but have adventures with you ” oh, and he has a beautiful and newly-single sister.

This uncompromising love story is wrought with truth about the 60’s and the Vietnam War draft. It is formed from the music of the times “the Beatles ” and then twisted with the pain and dread that came with a war that no one understood.

The stars are all up-and-comers who are not afraid to show you why they got the part. They sing to the melodic and mood-enhancing classic tunes of the Beatles, but this version was better. Even if I am ostracized for saying it, Dana Fuch’s voice puts even the best soul singers to shame.

The film weaves in some incredible visuals and leaves the audience with the feeling that they have been on drugs as well. The scene of the soldier dance is worth seeing in itself.

Be prepared to cry and laugh, and also fall in love with the film that does, in fact, cross the universe.

I have been a “Phantom” psychotic since I was about ten years old. When I heard the CD for the first time (before I even knew what I was listening to) I instantly knew that I was hooked for life.

There are few things in life quite like the eerie and serine as the sound of the Phantom, and Gerard Butler gets the job done here. While Emmy Rossum’s voice is smaller than I would have liked for the heroine Christine, she still leaves you with that everlasting feeling of loss.

Summer Moore is a recent University of Colorado graduate who has grown up in Glenwood and moved back recently to work and live in Aspen. She has been obsessively watching movies all her life and has been reviewing them for the last two years. You can easily find her at Blockbuster or aimlessly wandering the movie section of Target. Feel free to express your opinion on any of her reviews by writing to the paper or posting a comment on the Web site, http://www.postindependent.com

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