Is it crazy to like a Fox? |

Is it crazy to like a Fox?

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Don’t believe everything you read, plain and simple.

Like the tale of three Connecticut wealth fund managers pitching in to buy a one-dollar Powerball jackpot winning ticket. Or a sports columnist erroneously suggesting the Broncos dump head coach John Fox and replace him with Bill Cowher at season’s end.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was completely off target regarding John Fox. In fact, there is now justification in mentioning his name as a possible coach of the year candidate, should the Broncos win their last three games.

Consider what Fox has accomplished, particularly with the chaos he inherited.

Naming Tim Tebow as his starter after a 1-4 start was the catalyst for a huge momentum shift in the Broncos’ season, but the real coaching had just begun.

Fox quickly developed an offensive scheme that would allow the unpolished Tebow to succeed short term, and the Broncos racked up a few wins along the way. Soon after, the defense elevated its play, knowing if they kept games close, Tebow, the ultimate competitor, would win games for them in the end. And Tebow has done just that – seven times and counting.

Now, the coaching staff is opening the playbook ever so slightly for Tebow, and at just the right time, making the 8-5 Broncos an even better team, with a legitimate shot at the division title.

Throw in the fact that the Broncos now have the number one rushing offense in the league, in part due to Tebow’s 5.7 yards-per-carry average, and Fox is proving that he is everything he was advertised to be – a defensive coach whose teams can successfully run the ball.

Rarely do you see an NFL team go from really bad to very good in the same season.

John Fox deserves credit for the turnaround, and one of the best come-from-behind coaching jobs the league has seen in a long time.

Are baseball owners exploiting the luxury tax?

The answer is no, unfortunately.

Baseball is the only “Big 4” sport without a salary cap, and scores of small market fans cry foul whenever teams go off the deep end, like the Marlins and Angels did this past week, by committing hundreds of millions to players during a free agency-spending frenzy.

The truth of the matter is – If half-cocked, wealthy owners want to check off owning a world championship ring from their bucket lists, and there’s no system in place to stop them. Owners will continue to overspend and gladly pay the luxury tax back to the league in an attempt to sell seats and, more importantly, to feed their egos.

It doesn’t necessarily pay off for them as often as you might think.

Since the luxury tax was implemented in 2003, the Yankees, notorious for overspending, have only won the World Series once.

It just seems like they’ve won it more often.

The spending sprees are here to stay, because the players will never accept a hard salary cap, and the league just recently agreed in principle to sign a cap-free collective bargaining agreement that runs through at least 2016.

There’s no need to worry about baseball going on strike any time soon.

The players already have everything they need.

– Jeff Sauer is a longtime western Colorado resident and former Roaring Fork Valley resident. He can be reached at

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