Is oil worth the cost of Iraqi war and occupation? |

Is oil worth the cost of Iraqi war and occupation?

Mildred Baumli

Dear Editor,

In response to Scott Nocks’ letter on Feb. 26. I love this country just as much as you do. So do the Democrats.

But when Bush says he is a “uniter,” not a divider, he should have said a liar. This morning he was raving about the man he wants confirmed for a judgeship for the rest of his life, who will not answer any questions that are asked of him by the Democrats.

Bush said no one ever asks anyone else the questions the Democrats are asking. In less than five minutes, John from the White House said that was a lie, that the Republicans had done it earlier. I don’t suppose you heard that.

Bush keeps saying he has not made up his mind to declare war. Then what are we doing, sending all the soldiers and equipment over there at great expense?

He can’t wait. People are waking up and marching to say they are against war, and it’s about time.

This morning at the White House news conference Helen told Ari Fleischer that the Iraqi people did not ask to be liberated. He made a small remark that she should listen to Bush’s speech. When the news people asked and insisted how much this war would cost, Fleischer would not answer.

Bush, Rumsfeld and another person had a secret meeting about the cost of war. Once I heard a trillion dollars by the time they could pull out of Iraq.

Is oil worth that? Bush was governor of Texas, but he sure was not ready to be the president of the United States.

Mildred Baumli


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