Is Parachute afraid of newcomers? |

Is Parachute afraid of newcomers?

Dear Editor,As a newcomer to the Battlement Mesa area, I am offended by Mayor Loschke’s comments directed toward newcomers. What era are we living in, Mr. Loschke? Do not promote a growing community if you do not want newcomers. Perhaps you do not like newcomers questioning the good ol’ boys club of D-16 and their personal agendas. Newcomers are coming from other areas and realizing there is something seriously wrong with the schools in D-16. Low CSAP scores, ridiculous teacher and principal turnover, as well as students being pulled out of the schools because their parents want them to receive a better education. I know a decent family that lived on my block that pulled four of their kids out of D-16 and moved them to Idaho because the educational system here is such a mess. I personally sent my 16-year-old to Tennessee to live with his father to be in a school that fosters education, not dumping their teachers and having a board that could care less what the community wants or what the children need.I sat at a board meeting and saw nothing but arrogance and ignorance. And anyone that is afraid of newcomers making changes is just as ignorant. For a mayor to make negative comments toward newcomers is appalling. Perhaps you should close the gates of Battlement Mesa if you have a problem with change.Cheryl Tarrant Parachute

Dear Editor,I recently returned from New Orleans after helping with animal rescue efforts there. We adopted two kittens from a temporary emergency animal shelter set up in the parking lot of a Winn-Dixie supermarket in New Orleans. They were rescued with three other kittens, though their mother couldn’t be found. They were born right around the time Hurricane Katrina hit. On Tuesday, Oct. 25, I brought Winn and Dixie into our veterinarian, Dr. John Green of Town & Country Veterinary Hospital in Rifle, for a check-up and shots. Doc Green gave them distemper shots and wormed them, and didn’t charge us anything for the visit. How awesome. Thanks, Doc Green. We are pleased to have you as our vet, and we appreciate your generosity. Erik KallstromRifle

Dear Editor,My message is simple. If you like how things are going in our district and do not feel the need for change, then vote for either Christensen, Wolcheck, Beasley, Gallegos, and Middleton. These five will keep things as they are. If you feel a positive change is needed in the district and/or that the district needs to be held accountable, then vote for Brenckman, Matza, Denomy, and/or Munyer. I have three kids in each of our schools, and I feel we need change, so my vote is going to three of the latter. If you have any questions, call me. I am listed in the phone book.Gary Munyerschool board D-16 candidateParachute

Dear Editor,A recall election for District Attorney Colleen Truden is set for Dec. 13. At that election, all eligible voters in the district can vote. If a majority vote to recall, then the candidate on the ballot receiving the majority of votes becomes your next district attorney. I am attempting to get on the ballot.In 1985, I joined the DA’s office here in the 9th Judicial district under Milt Blakey, where I served until 1997. I worked my way up from deputy DA to chief deputy and then to assistant DA, which is the second in command of the office.I have trial experience from traffic cases to first degree murder, from sexual assaults to running the grand jury. Since 1997, I have been in private practice, specializing in criminal defense, so I am still current on the latest developments in criminal law.As a registered Republican, I will need to file a minimum of 1,000 valid signatures from registered Republicans by Nov. 1. Petitions can be found around this judicial district.In Aspen: 303 E. AABC (across from the animal hospital); Katie Sullivan’s law office (above the Cantina) on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and Friday from 2-4 p.m.In Carbondale: at the barbershop (Third and Main); at the McCrory Law Office, 417 Main St. (historic Dinkel Bldg.)In Glenwood Springs: At Balcomb and Green, 818 Colorado Ave. (across from the Post Office).I hope that you will support me in my effort to get on the ballot.Chip McCroryCarbondale

Dear Editor,Let’s try telling the truth for a change. The U.S. is addicted to oil and the fight in the Middle East is not about terrorism, but about controlling the remainder of fossil fuels. How about bringing the troops home and putting the $400 billion per year being spent on this illegal, immoral war into developing alternative energy sources. We would regain the respect of the rest of the world, and by being a better world citizen, actually decrease terrorism.Jim ChenowethNew Castle

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