Israel is our friend in the Middle East |

Israel is our friend in the Middle East

Dear Editor,

Mr. Hal Sundin’s commentary entitled, “Will the slaughter in Israel never end?” of April 18 is factually and historically inaccurate.

There is no evidence to date to suggest there were 300 to 500 deaths in Jenin. The Israeli Defense Force went house to house in search of known terrorists and munitions factories, despite booby traps, to avoid this very thing. The IDF does not engage in indiscriminate carpet bombing from 10,000 to 35,000 feet as occurs in many wars, e.g. Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Colin Powell stated today on CNN there was no evidence of a massacre or mass burial.

In 1948, Palestine was partitioned not by the Western powers but by the United Nations into what it felt was an appropriate division. Israel accepted. Five Arab countries did not and promptly invaded lsrael.

The massive armaments that Mr. Sundin refers to is authorized by the Congress of the United States and much of it is bought and paid for by Israel. In terms of support, Egypt obtains the same amount, historically.

Israel’s actions are not a threat to our national security. On the contrary, democratic Israel is our most loyal friend and supporter in the Middle East. She is our eyes and ears. Many of our weapons systems have been tested by the IDF. Please remember, 15 of the Sept. 11 World Trade Center murderers were Saudis. Talk about a threat to security!

As for the Saudi peace plan – Wow! The Arabs are finally going to recognize Israel’s right to exist. It is my impression she has existed for the last 54 years without Arab approval, thank you very much. She doesn’t need the Arabs’ OK. (The peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt have provided few tangible benefits for Israel – land, i.e. the Sinai, for a worthless piece of paper which can be disregarded and ripped up in a second.)

Were the Israelis, Palestinians and other Arabs to make peace, then maybe, just maybe, the area would flourish and truly become “a land of milk and honey” for all the inhabitants.

Werner Knurr


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