It takes oil to raise a cow |

It takes oil to raise a cow

Dear Editor,A bit more information in reference to the cows and their impact on our land, air quality, water consumption and pollution, and the need for medications and oil to meet the bottom line.David Pimentel, a Cornell ecologist who specializes in agriculture and energy, calculated that it takes 284 gallons of oil to grow a 1,250-pound steer, which eats 25 pounds of corn per day.”Growing the vast quantities of corn used to feed livestock in this country takes vast quantities of chemical fertilizer, which in turn takes vast quantities of oil – 1.2 gallons for every bushel.”In one slaughter plant alone, over 200 cows per hour enter the “kill floor.” That’s a lot of oil.Even though we are known as the medicated society, our cows consume even more, including hormones. And, in that there are supposedly three times the number of cows as people in our country, the waste products of these creatures is for the most part distributed into our aquifers, rivers, streams and lakes.It is not the cow that is at fault. It is our extreme addiction for their flesh that has caused such disease to us all, including the cow.In regards to Tony Vagneur of Vagneur Land & Cattle Co., his letter to the editor states, “The water and grain, unlike so many of God’s resources we plunder, are sustainable and replenishable in a reasonable world.”This I agree with, and the key word in his statement is “reasonable.”The raising cows for profit has become unreasonable.When compassion is lacking, our activities are in danger of becoming destructive. We are right to bring to awareness the actions of others if they are imposing.In closing I believe it is inevitable that Colorado’s fences will come down and the cows freed.I am a visionary, yes, but also a realist.We are all environmentalists.David KrestCarbondale

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