It’s just life in a tourist town |

It’s just life in a tourist town

Dear Editor:

This letter will be my second response to Mr. Smith, which really is a waste of my time, because I realize people who are shallow-minded about things not only won’t see logic, but can’t.

You talk about the fact of Glenwood Springs being a change machine and its people being change makers. When was the last time you saw daylight? Glenwood Springs is nothing but a tourist town, and bedroom community for upvalley. Most of us that live in the Roaring Fork Valley cater to out-of-towners, whether it be the money people in Aspen or the biker trash that stops in for a dip in the pool and a cold beer.

Like the one response to your letter, when was the last time you stood on Grand Avenue? This little town has more traffic than most big cities.

I am a native of small-town Colorado and (man, I hate saying this) like you, enjoy peace and serenity and that is as simple as getting out of town. These people coming in, whether they be rich or common, will be bringing money to spend in this valley. Now I don’t know you or what you do, but I’m sure your livelihood depends on people, and I will bet you, just like Sturgis, Durango, and all those places where scum like me hang out, there will be people lining the streets to check out and hear these pieces of work that we, rich or poor, take great pride in making our own through customizing (including loud pipes). These looky-loos will spend money.

Also, your comment to the other lady that wrote in about “loud pipes save lives,” the fact that you disagree shows ignorance and lack of common sense. Motorcycles are hard to see on the road and people pull out in front of us all the time. Loud pipes make you heard when you’re not seen. This isn’t rocket science, come on. So on the 4th of July I agree with the latest writer, leave or kick back with a cool one, check out the scoots. You might even see someone you know on one of those Harleys. A friend, a coworker, or quite possible even your girlfriend.

Rusty Hicks


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