It’s not about oil |

It’s not about oil

Jack E. Blankenship

Dear Editor,

It can only be hoped Ms. Sue Gray and the rest of her peace coalition that can read will carefully study the column by Michael Kelly in GSPI of Jan. 22. If she and followers do peruse this column, they will realize exactly what leaders they are blindly following and the agenda those leaders are promoting.

Most of us had assumed the Communist Workers’ Party had gone the way of all bad ideas, but here they are under the guise of ANSWER and beguiling people like Gray to feel good marching around shouting about peace. She now considers herself an expert on Iraq after two weeks observing cute little shoeshine boys and mosques. Bet she, like the congressmen and actors that preceded her, were never left alone to explore. Even the U.N. isn’t granted that privilege. Two weeks? One couldn’t analyze good and bad in Carbondale in two weeks.

Gray and ANSWER would like to use oil as a smear tactic against President Bush with, “Its all about OIL.” Do these people think Saddam and the other madmen that follow him would allow the wells to be captured? He set fire to wells in Kuwait. Thanks to an American, Red Adair, and his crews, the fires were extinguished. Now, Ms. Gray, how many wells and how much oil is owned and controlled by United States Corporations or individuals? About oil? NOT!

March and shout all you want, Ms. Gray, that is what freedom is about. However, it is to be hoped that your ranks will be thinned by those who can think for themselves and realize we must not knuckle under to these despots in the world who would have the United States under the policy of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” The people of the United States for the most part are peace loving, Ms. Gray. A large number of those you wish to reach with your message of peace are in the country you so admire after your brief visit. Go there and preach.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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