It’s not just about oil |

It’s not just about oil

Dear Editor,

Mr. Meyers, you are correct; it is not just about oil. However, I would venture that it is all about money and power as it has always been.

As to your fears of Iraq, I would suggest that bombing another country flat and rebuilding it could be more expensive than some of your neighbors feel we should incur at this time or our economy can stand. The cost of this endeavor will make Afghanistan seem like small change in the “conquer and run another country game.”

Also, eventually, if we keep interfering wherever we see fit around the globe for reasons that many thinking people find suspect, we will make even more enemies.

I for one don’t want to awaken a sleeping giant and draw more frequent and damaging acts of aggression down upon America or its people either at home or abroad.

After 9/11 more than ever, we should cease our headlong dash toward alienating everyone else on the globe.

Don’t you think the practice of going to other countries and overthrowing regimes and governments that do not fit our game plan is becoming a little overcooked?

As to flags on cars, I bow to your right to choose. For myself if I am to do such a thing it means to me that I support the present administration and its practices.

I can not support an administration that rains death on innocent people in other countries in an attempt to get lucky and kill a few terrorists. Nor indeed an administration that spends my money on war for corporate gain ahead of education for our children, planes less than 40 years old to fight our fires, and some sort of real effort to help those of our citizens that are poor and downtrodden.

As for Mr. Gray, it takes a true patriot to speak up against the rhetoric of government and the press to provide an objective opinion in troubling times. I know that the vast majority of Americans are strongly patriotic, and the presence of flags is not the deciding factor here. If you care enough to worry about America, you are at least somewhat patriotic. That said, I have spoken to a huge number of worried patriots recently. Let’s practice what we preach, peace and good will to all.

Garry Lees

Glenwood Springs

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