It’s time for an end to war in Iraq |

It’s time for an end to war in Iraq

Dear Editor,

As an American I am a peaceful, justice-loving person. I cling fiercely to the illusion of democracy in this republic and in so doing I create a democracy of the surest sort. I am quick to define the injustices that are served to my kind and move swiftly to defend and fortify against perceived takings from me.

It is easy to see that I have been hugely violated in my homeland. The violation of 9/11 screams to me daily, madly from the vacant corners where TVs blare to the front of big city papers laid across counters.

I watch a hardness grow in the eyes of people looking or turning away and not wanting to see.

The fear that it will happen again screams to me from the sound bites of congressmen, senators and presidential administrators. All hammering for unity to fight, avenge, or pre-empt.

I witness the environment violated, flaming from a now murky world, dried up, used hard, war torn and poisoned.

Wise decisions and balanced viewpoints are not forthcoming, and so I ignore my impacts.

I am insecure from the loss of my retirement investments, my income has been reduced, and my job teeters precariously. I see my peace and prosperity from the Clinton era hedging away, along with my illusion that the world’s peace was founded in justice or was well won in Desert Storm. I learn that the war wages on, hidden behind sanctions and policing and military campaigns to maintain my status quo.

I am forced to balance the deaths of two American children as a result of 9/11 a year ago, against 60,000 Iraqi children killed in the last week of the war 11 years ago plus the many thousands since.

Whether the children are collateral damage or dearly departed, my heart breaks for them all.

How do we justify an overt war against the Iraqi innocents after fighting a covert war for 30 years against their parents? What does that do to the heart of America?

Call your Senators NOW and ask for an end to this.


John Hoffmann


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