Jenkins rebuts Lubchenco |

Jenkins rebuts Lubchenco

Dear Editor,

Whether it was my failure at articulation, or on account of another man’s presuppositions, the context of my previous letter was greatly distorted by Mr. Lubchenco in his letter published in last Sunday’s P.I. Please allow me to tidy up the mess.

Contrary to Mr. Lubchenco’s insinuation, I made not even a vague suggestion of a monopoly on truth. What I did suggest was for those inclined to speak out against the Catholic Church, is that they at least educate themselves adequately enough to present an intelligent argument. No luck on that one yet.

Mr. Lubchenco proceeds with the lame tactic of trying to discredit the good of the many by proclaiming the failures of the few, all while insinuating celibacy leads to sexual perversion, and offering nothing but cynicism and a chip on his shoulder to back up his ridiculous claims. Studies have been conducted seeking a correlation between celibacy and sexual perversion, (including pedophilia), and none were found. One doesn’t have to look far to see that it is overindulgence on the part of the individual, as well as society as a whole, that lends itself to sexual perversion.

Lest my words be misconstrued, let me make it perfectly clear, I am in no way offering a defense of pedophile priests, or those who conceal them – their actions are indefensible. These actions furthermore are not a reflection of Catholic teachings but rather a neglect of them.

Again, contrary to Mr. Lubchenco’s distortion, what I DID say was that Catholic priests collectively comprise a great wealth of knowledge and wisdom on matters both carnal and spiritual.

Does this mean all priests are equal in these matters? No. Does this mean each priest contains all that knowledge and wisdom within his individual self? Of course not. However, I could and gladly would offer volumes and volumes of literature authored by these celibate men on the subject of human sexuality that stand head and shoulders above any suppositions you can throw at them.

Regarding suppositions, Mr. Lubchenco is obviously correct, different people – different suppositions – different conclusions. What should be equally obvious is that the merit of any given truth is in no way dependent upon its receptiveness by any group or individual, regardless of their suppositions. So, if I may make one more suggestion, do away with unfounded suppositions, Tom, and chance an affair with objectivity and who knows, maybe the truth will set you free.

Dan Jenkins

New Castle

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