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"Jumper": cool powers, confusing story

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Summer Moore
Special to the Post Independent

Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

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Two of Four suns

I have never walked out of a theater wanting superpowers more than I did after this one. Imagine the possibilities if you could teleport anywhere in the world instantly.

While it was hard to watch Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen) play a weak person, I still believe he got the job done. We believed that this person was good even though he had a tendency to be bad.

Rachel Bilson was fine as the morally sound girl next door. She pulled it off without being too whiney or self-righteous.

I do have one question about Samuel L. Jackson though. What happened? Why is he doing these awful, mediocre rolls? Bilson and Christensen we can understand; they are young and inexperienced. They are just trying to get some miles on their tires. Jackson, however, should be way beyond this stuff. It was really quite sad. Not only did he have white hair, but his character was two dimensional and unexplained. Get a grip!

To me, this film felt unfinished. It felt like the original had been about three hours and someone took it to the chopping block and got rid of essential pieces. The characters are confusing, and the plot is hard to follow. Plus, the side story about Christensen’s mother is completely out of left field and is left unfinished.

New on DVD


Three of Four Suns

When my mom went to go see this, she was severely disappointed that even though Angelina Jolie is on every preview, her actual screen time is less than two minutes. So there, now you know not to see this movie for “boobs and lips.”

“Beowulf” is actually an old epic poem, written in early times about a hero and his tragic flaw. Pride. This film is entirely animated, but done very, very well. The characters look eerily like the actors who project their voices, and the monsters are all too vivid.

Ray Winstone (“The Departed”) plays the hero and does so with a certain finesse that we believe Beowulf would have possessed. He is joined with the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Robin Wright Penn and even the great John Malkovich lends his tone.

Beware that even though this is an animated movie, it is sprinkled with nudity and horrid violence. The writers stuck to the tale while allowing for a little leeway in how exactly it went.

Classic DVD to Rent

In light of the recent Oscars, do yourself a huge favor and see last years Best Picture winner, “The Departed” (2006) It is amazing and you will not be disappointed.

Summer Moore is a recent University of Colorado graduate who has grown up in Glenwood and moved back recently to work and live in Aspen. She has been obsessively watching movies all her life and has been reviewing them for the last two years. You can easily find her at Blockbuster or aimlessly wandering the movie section of Target. Feel free to express your opinion on any of her reviews by writing to the paper or posting a comment on the website, http://www.postindependent.com.

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