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Katrinia Anne Ivora

Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO
Katrinia Anne Ivora

Surely she is an angel above as she was on Earth for her 36 short years. She was an outstanding woman, so very intelligent and just so beautiful she could not go unnoticed. If you ever met up with her there is no way you could not remember her.

She was so easy to laugh, and she was sure to make you laugh. Anyone would be happy just to be there with her. Her sharp wit and beautiful smile was irresistible. Her physical beauty was such that she once graced the cover of a surfing magazine.

She was petite in terms of stature, but had no fear … ever. She loved surfing, fishing, hunting, snowboarding, camping, hiking, four-wheeling, snowmobiling, archery, just name it.

She was also the most kind, generous and caring woman ever. She defined consideration, giving to people less fortunate on the spot, whenever and wherever.

The Earth was a better place with her on it.

She is, and will be so very much missed. It is a comfort to know she was very happy.

The last words from her lips were, “I love you.” She will always be remembered with great love in our hearts forever.

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