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Keep on losing

Cathy Lee
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Special to the Post IndependentMore workout fun at Family Fitness during Week 5 of the Greatest Loser Contest.

Week 6 of The Greatest Loser competition is here. The contestants continue to work hard while the NCFF Personal Trainers challenge them with more intense workouts. This week, we’ll talk to Steve Wells, Personal Training Manager at NCFF, about ways to stay on track by overcoming workout plateaus.

Here is a likely scenario. You finally get yourself motivated and start a fitness program. Right from the start you are getting great results. Pounds are flying off, and you’ve thrown away the fat jeans. You are on the road to victory.

Then suddenly, the results slowly begin to fade away. You get frustrated and work out even harder but you hardly notice a change in your body.

What could have gone wrong? Don’t panic! You have just hit an exercise plateau. Here are some things you can do to help avoid plateaus and succeed in reaching your goals.

“The plateau effect is quite common, which is one of the reasons trainers promote workout variety,” says Wells. “Try a different workout routine, take a new class, take up a new sport or activity and try some different foods.”

The human body is an incredibly adaptable machine, so you must continually give it new challenges to keep getting results. “As soon as a client gets comfortable with a routine is when I start changing things,” comments Wells.

“If you are looking to make changes in your body, you have to make changes in your exercise and nutrition.”

“Try a non-structure, exercise structure. Random training is something that top athletes understand and average Joes can benefit from as well. Work out according to how you feel, what the weather is like, who’s in town and so on.”

So try yoga, run or walk in a race, and do some weight training. The point is to keep challenging yourself and stay active.

Steve’s Tip: “Variety is the spice of life, so add some to your workouts.”

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