Keep shoppers in town |

Keep shoppers in town

Dear Editor,

I would like to propose city council offer a third option for the sales tax on this fall’s ballot ” keep it at 0.25 percent.

Sales tax in Glenwood now stands at 7.95 percent, which admittedly is less than Aspen and other local communities. That’s why I don’t shop in those communities. If the sales tax increases to 8.2 percent, I’ll be doing more of my shopping, especially for large ticket items, elsewhere. Glenwood will be getting even more than 60 to 70 percent of sales tax revenues from tourists, because locals won’t shop here.

As for the argument that construction costs have doubled in the past ten years, news flash ” the cost of everything has doubled, including things we pay sales tax on! Meaning we’re already paying twice the sales tax we did ten years ago.

With the recent sudden increase in gas prices and the soon to follow increase of the prices of everything else, I don’t think voters will agree to higher sales tax. By giving them the option of keeping the tax the same, the city will still have one-quarter percent to work with.

If you keep squeezing the goose that lays the golden eggs to try and get more eggs out of her, you’ll eventually strangle her.

Ginny Gera

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Many of the residents in our Park Avenue neighborhood have expressed concern regarding construction of Centennial Park near Rifle Creek. According to a city official, this will be a $6 million project.

This park is scheduled to be constructed in several phases along the banks of Rifle Creek, from Third Street to the Garfield County Fairgrounds. Why should the citizens of Rifle allow the city to spend $6 million to build a park inside a flood plain? As longtime residents near the proposed park, we have experienced flooding on several occasions since 1990. The flood of 1993 alone caused an approximate $200,000 in damages. Each time the creek floods, city crews spend days cleaning up the mess.

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to address the flood control problem on both the Government Creek and the Hubard Gulch wash areas before risking the lives of people who are unaware of the flash flood potential, which we have all seen?

Although there are other issues of how the city will deal with vagrancy, litter and vandalism, a new park could be a great feature in the community. However, the city should use better judgment in the planning phase.

George Kuersten


Dear Editor,

The school board wants to shut down Glenwood’s True Value despite public disapproval. A petition to keep True Value currently has signatures from more than 3,000 Garfield County property owners.

I am disillusioned. I had thought that schools exist to teach young people positive lessons. I had thought that our country is structured for citizens’ “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” Is it not possible for the store to remain standing while the high school is improved?

If this commercial property is destroyed, it will be sacrificed to a lack of listening and mediation skills. More than 3,000 Garfield County taxpayers will be funding something they believe to be inappropriately done, and … our leaders of tomorrow will have learned by powerful example that “might makes right.”

Wouldn’t a higher good would be served by seeing the larger picture and forging a win-win situation for our people of today and tomorrow? We need to find a way to improve our high school while we keep our commercial building.

A recent letter to the editor informed us that the school board sifted through a sea of information and professional advice to create their current plan. I believe one more professional should be consulted. A professional mediator could help us create a plan acceptable to all in a public forum. What a positive demonstration of democracy in action!

As elected public servants, the school board members should embrace such an opportunity to communicate with the people.

Karen Ray

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

It’s not about saving True Value, Glenwood Gymnastics or any other merchant.

It’s about not removing a large parcel of very valuable, productive, retail, commercial real estate from the property tax and sales tax rolls forever.

The combined, annual lost revenue is a staggering number, especially when place in the context of “forever.” An amount of tax dollars that property owners will have to make up year after year, forever.

This is so obvious it is frightening ” although not surprising ” that the Re-1 board has no comprehension of the concept. But this is a simple, back of the envelope calculation. One that I’ll bet this board never did. So let’s have that number ” now ” and there will be no way the plan makes sense, even to the board.

If the best solution is to expand the existing site ” and I’m not at all sure it is ” then that expansion clearly needs to occur to the south in the residential area. This is not a happy prospect, either, but it is far and away the most beneficial and cost-effective to all property owners in Re-1.

And recall is certainly the appropriate remedy here. The fiscal irresponsibility demonstrated by this board is not simply poor judgment ” which we have come to expect in the public sector ” but rather it rises to the level of incompetence. And the only way to deal with incompetence is to eliminate it.

So ” out with the do-gooders and in with some do-betters.

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs

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