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Keep the church a church

Steve Smith

Dear Editor,

The St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in Glenwood Springs has an opportunity to continue its excellent history of service to the community, but so far it is missing that chance.

In anticipation of moving to its new church building, now being built, the parish has offered its current small church for sale at the outrageous price of $1.2 million. Such a price will ensure that none of the many small church congregations in the area that do not have permanent homes will be able to purchase this church. In fact, a real-estate representative for the parish has already predicted that the church will become a restaurant or some similar commercial enterprise.

That would be a sad result. Besides helping drive up downtown prices in general, encouraging the demise of existing businesses there, such a steep price for the church will punch a hole in the web of worship in Glenwood Springs.

This charming downtown corner home of religious assembly and service should continue in that role. The Catholic parish should sell its old church to another congregation that needs a home, and it should set a price that such a new congregation can afford.

That will be a much more fitting legacy to the Catholic generosity, compassion, and community activism that Glenwood Springs has enjoyed and supported for many years.


Steve Smith

Glenwood Springs

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