Keep the wimps out of the paper |

Keep the wimps out of the paper

Richard T. Moolick

Dear Editor,

I’d been on vacation.

Needless to say, I was disappointed to open up to the “Commentary” section of the Jan. 9 Glenwood Springs Post Independent to find that Robert Reich and Hal Sundin controlled that entire page. Even for a liberal paper, that’s certainly overdoing it!

Let’s take Robert Reich for example. He was part of the Clinton Draft Evasion Team over in Moscow when they burned the American flag in protest of the Kennedy/Johnson war against Vietnam.

What a selection to use the malign our president for his approach against the terrorists, he and Hal Sundin!

The only other person I can think of to add to their group might have been Jimmy Carter, another wimp. Of course, Jimmy gave away the Panama Canal, and allowed our State Department people to be held captive by the Iranians for 440 days, until Reagan got them released.

I doubt your Glenwood Springs readers appreciate the editorial page being dominated by wimps!

Of course, Reich did advise us on who wears cashmere sweaters!!

I do believe that the Thursday edition does prove that all chickens are not fryers.

Sincerely yours,

Richard T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

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